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Beatrice Eagle catches 'Greta-shining storm': Photo background scares fans

Beatrice Eagle releases a picture – and reaps shame about what can be seen in the background.

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Beatrice Eagle posted a great photo on Instagram. And he used bullshit. Because what can be seen in the background causes excitement.

Athens – Beatrice Eagle is currently posting stunning images of the sun and sea and their usual light laughter. But when he posted a photo of himself a few days ago on the Internet, the hit star received not only positive comments. The reason was not Beatrice herself, but the background that can be seen on her

Beatrice Eagle holds open-air concerts

Beatrice Eagle is currently holding concerts again. So far, nothing new. Not on land, but on a boat. And no, this is not a Lake Lake Lake boat tour, but a cruise ship. "Stars of the Sea" is the name of the cruise, which will be joined by stars such as Matt Kelly, DJ Zitz and Thomas Anders along with Beatrice Eagles until October 12th. And usually their fans also love it when Beatrice posts great road pictures.

Cruise reviews with Beatrice Eagles

Fans are not only thrilled by the open-sea tour, as can be seen from the comments on Beatrice's Instagram account. For example, the singer posted a photo of her in Greece – the cruise ship is visible in the background.

So many users think it's not good. Shortly after Beatrice's announcement, david_ibrakadabra wrote, "Well, when did the first climate commentary come in?" That's right. Criticism is not enough.

Beatrice Eagle: Not everyone is enthusiastic about cruise concerts

So rogallrobert wonders: "Beatrice what do you support? CO2 footprint. "And xtmayrx writes," Beautiful but climate-technical disaster. "First of all, the reactions from other fans are exciting. Emilius_crux commented:" Good job! Because your German is still up. Freedom of expression is not a one-way street even if somebody wants to go on a cruise it's his job. Freedom! What do you want here? This is not a political side, but a pop singer side. If you don't like it, just go away. cheese. "

Beatrice Eagles fans are moderate

Interestingly, how Beatrice fans are correcting each other. For example, mi_mi6506 thinks Beatrice should not be criticized: “The boat goes anyway and it's better if it doesn't work completely empty because it always spends the same. It is certainly not the best way to travel, but you do not have to chop it, you also fly, and you certainly do not shine for example. around your friends once they go on holiday. "But xtmayrx sticks to his opinion:" Oh, yes. But no, the boat won't sail anyway if too few reservations are made. "

Only recently has Beatrice had an experience at the Berlin airport that probably every one of us knows. And, she commented on the love rumors for her and Florian Silberizen.

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