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'Beat the Star': ProBase show upsets with sexism – Til Schweiger celebrates daughter | waz.de

Women in mud, women who hit the fashion labels: "Win the Star" with Luna Schweiger and Vanessa Mai did not save with clichés.

Stupid sayings and stupid ideas in "Win the Star"

"Guess the Star" with Luna Schweiger and Vanessa May What is heralded as "the best duel of the year" is a five-and-a-half-hour stupid man-to-man talk between the actor's daughter and pop singer.

Contrary to expectations, Dad Til Schweiger at least some of it. The sexist fireworks ignited the transmitter itself. Users are not impressed by this. The boredom of taking spreads across the web.

He only occasionally commented on Schweiger's front-line audience, who had been pale many times and shown playing around on his smartphone.

Made on stage Vanessa Mai immediately clear statement, "Luna, I've got a role offer for you: loser! When I'm done with you, all you have left is honey, "pop singer Mai threatened before the show began. Luna Schweiger countered: "Today Vanessa is going to experience being 'strengthened without a bunny.' I always say: I prefer to do movies with Til Schweiger than music with Dieter Bohlen. "

Her debut was the 22-year-old actress, who appeared almost exclusively in the movies along with her father, in Til Schweiger's "Keinohrhasen". The passionate driver was confident of winning the Star Wars duel: "Talk is silver, but Schweiger is gold! I hit the star. "

Beat the star by inserting sexism – you must know:

  • Icy Day Starter featured sexist slogans to admire this weekend
  • It has drawn criticism
  • Vanessa eventually wins – Luna Schweiger lost
  • However, Pope Til Schweiger celebrated

Sayings by Luna Schweiger and Vanessa May for "Punch The Star" attract viewers

Pie proverbs obviously drew a lot of people in front of the television. 1.57 million viewers are destined for ProSieben on Saturday night with a 7.6% market share. Thus landed "beat the star" while clearly behind the ZDF thriller "The Dead in the Tunnel" and the competition of RTL and Sat.1. But among the young target group, ProSieben won the evening's quota.

"ProSieben is making the race among the young spectators and with a 13.6 per cent clear market leader Saturday in children aged 14 to 39," the station said Sunday morning.

Luna Schweiger is clearly superior to Vanessa May on "Beat the Star"

And indeed, it gives the impression of the first matches that it would be that she would clear 100,000 euros at the end of the night. Already in the first game Luna Schweiger is clearly superior to her opponent. And at the same time it is about the first scandal.

"Knee Swing" is a task. Within 30 seconds, the ladies should spin the bar as often as possible. They are allowed to develop their own technique. It starts with Schweiger, who impresses with 17 bends and knee turns backwards. In the meantime, Vanessa Mai must wear glasses and headphones so that she cannot draw conclusions from her opponent's technique.

"Why is Luna allowed to watch Vanessa try? And vice versa? Ask a lot of Twitter users – because Luna Schweiger doesn't have to wear headphones or glasses while Vanessa May is trying on the horizontal bar. And there is the question of unequal competitive conditions and possibly a biased channel.

'Win the star': ProSieben receives no 'political correctness' medal

In principle, ProSieben tonight did not earn a "political correctness" medal. Not only is this pre-advertised only by the beauty of both candidates – and the choice of games is discriminatory for the ignorant.

In the second game, "fashion labels" are allowed to guess which logo they see. While Luna Schweiger recognizes Gucci, Chanel and Versace, Vanessa Mai is inferior, after all, she assumes to be Converse. Is it a coincidence that the actor's daughter is so familiar with luxury labels? Probably not. But unfortunately when stationed in a game on a Saturday night, nothing better than to hit two women's fashion labels.

Luna Schweiger and Vanessa May drive mud pickups

As a colleague, young women are allowed to serve more male fantasies – with pickup trucks in the mud. One after the other, they have to master a course with puddles, ramps and slippery slopes.

Already during the test drive, Vanessa Mai provides the first shock: She does not drive, optionally, directly above the wall, but obliquely so that she falls down the steep slope. And so the car must be replaced immediately at the beginning of the game.

ProSieben puts 2019 on gas and women as a decoration

The feeling of a 1,000-fold mention of the brand and model makes vehicle advertising not much more successful – at first, the indicator is off. After all, that's the lesser problem. Instead, I wonder how the middleman of the climate debate – and soon after the federal government has raised the premium on the purchase of electric cars – could start playing with two pick-up diesel pickups whose widespread and incredible horsepower is constantly mentioned.

And then there's Vanessa Mai. "Oh my God, women who ride backwards," commented the singer's game. "I know a lot of women who drive better than me," moderator Elton catches the magic. But when Vanessa Mai says the discs came up because she was so hot, she also couldn't save the situation. Elton's assistant, Corina, who is constantly returning to the presenter in a glittering, too small black color to give him a new jacket, better. It is somewhat frightening that one station in 2019 still dares to use women as a decoration.

Does Luna Schweiger have a driver's license?

After the match, which Luna Schweiger has just won, comes the second scandal of the evening. Again and again, the two presenters – Elton and Ron Ringut – enthusiastically talk about how great Luna Schweiger works – even though she does not have a driver's license.

"Why is your daughter driving so well without a driver's license?" Asks Elton Til Schweiger,
the visibly angry and almost pointless answer: "I don't know who told you that. She has a driving license. Confusion. This will not be resolved by the end of the program.

Luna Schweiger and Vanessa May have many questions

The end of the program is still two hours away: Opponents have just made four out of 15 matches. "Going to bed and going back to game 15 in 2020," he commented on Twitter.

Close: Five and a half hours will take away this "star hit" problem. Although the two deliver a head-to-head race shortly before the end of the show, but it doesn't last the evening, slow.

This is partly because both Vanessa May and Luna Schweiger ask at least ten questions after each explanation of the rules of the game and have more questions during the game – or simply do not understand and need outside help – and secondly that Elton is constantly his coin requires to determine the game starter.

Users seem to enjoy it a bit

The show was also heavily commented on the Internet. But it seems the audience was not thrilled. Especially malicious comments are collected on the Internet – but not only.

The funniest comments we've summarized here for you:

  • "When parents realize that the child has nothing in their head."
  • "Yes, that job is over. Don't get me wrong, I think they're both stupid, but I'd give Luna a little more to win. ”
  • "Finally a successful round. Both cute candidates and a nice selection of games. "

"Beat the Star": Surprising winner – and comfort from Dad

Surprisingly, Vanessa Mai won the Ice Star Starship and is allowed to go home with 100,000 euros. At first, Luna Schweiger was still a clear favorite and won the majority of the first ten matches, returned the pop singer in the last hot games and released the end to somewhat unfocused Luna Schweiger in second.

“Luna rocked your show !!! We're all so fucking proud of you !!! ", commented Papa Til on Instagram So, all half so bad.

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