Thursday , October 1 2020

BBB coach Lucien Javier announces early replacement for Sancho


Dortmund striker will take him early in the first half from coach Lucien Javre. After the match, the coach explained the surprising measure.

Out of Coach – or Injury Causes? BVB star Chadon Sancho was substituted in Dortmund's 0: 4 debut at Bayern after 36 minutes by coach Lucien Javre. Previously, the 19-year-old had a mitgebschuldet with a shy dedication deficit of 0: 1 against Munich.

Anyway: Even in Sunday's 3-2 Champions League win over Inter, Sancho suffered a thigh strain, retiring in the Bayern Munich game.

Jawr gives information after the match

After a severe bankruptcy, the BBB coach explained the early replacement for the Englishman. "He was injured for two days and didn't train very well, but today it just wasn't good enough," Xavre said in a Sky interview, sparking demand. "He was not hurt."

Dortmund Sancho's only eight assists in their last eight games for Dortmund – the Englishman has really started at the start of the season, coming in the first five games of three goals and five assists. In addition, there was a suspension for a league match against Borussia Monchengladbach at the end of October after he returned too late from the English national team.

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