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Bayern's Ex-Bayern Munich star Real Madrid just exchanges table?

At least outside of football, there was good news for James Rodriguez.

About two weeks ago, the Colombian announced, in the service of Real Madrid, that he would become a father for the second time.

But it was with the positive. The royal season is developing in the direction predicted by many.

Ames' return to Madrid began promising after Bayern did not withdraw the call option. He was in the summer just before the change, appearing in La Liga's second game against expectations all at once in the starting eleven. "I hope it's my season in Real Madrid," commented James TV El Farringito hungry.

Ames benefits from the pitch for injuries

The 28-year-old has also benefited from injury problems at Royal. Convinced James confident, could feel like a regular player throughout the month of September. "James Rodin," headlines the Spanish sports newspaper HOW after a 3-2 victory over UD Levante in match 4, when the offensive player provided assistance.

Crucial to the "rebirth" was that James was allowed to rotate in his favorite position, the Tenth. On the outside, the Colombian lacks momentum, according to many experts.

Real coach Zinedine Zidane also boasted. "He was playing well and he felt good on the field, he had no problems with the ball, physically, but he did because he was injured but he is very motivated," the Real coach explained.

Zidane has so far not been a player for the midfielder.

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Real hit the tenth – injuries injured his knee

But at the end of September the tide came back again. In the midfield, Federico Valverde stepped up for the regulars, with Casemiro and Tony Kroos usually playing next to him. The ten disappeared from the real system again – so did James. Even Luka Modric is not an indisputable star player on Valverde's ascent.

For James, the stakes were significantly less at 0-0 in the opening match against Atletico Madrid, he only got 13 minutes of play, stopping since late September only once in the starting eleven of the table second. And when playing, he had to run again on the junk outside track.

To make matters worse, the Colombian again faced injury problems. If initially prone to muscle problems, he was hurt loudly HOW while coaching the Colombian national team on the left knee. Exact gravity is not yet known.

But even without injury, the signs are on James and Real now to bid farewell again. His contract runs until 2021. Does Royal want to generate a fee (market value according to transfermarkt.de for 50 million euros), they must sell their creative spirit at the latest next summer.

How England exchange?

According to a newspaper report El Desarmak Real are already thinking of James leaving in the winter. Therefore, Colombians should serve as an exchange. Possible candidates include Paul Pogba of Manchester United and Christian Eriksen of Tottenham Hotspur.

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Another name, according to the report, is on the list of the Kingdom, and this may be the hottest one: Raben Neves.

Portugal's 22-year-old midfielder at Wolves midfielder Wanderers in the Premier League. The Wolves are champions and also play in the Europa League. And they have a man who plays a key role in James' poker: Jorge Mendes.

The Portuguese is not only an adviser to the real star, but also intimately involved with the Wolves. Mendes' advisory agency, Gestifute, represents Wolves coach Nuno Espirito Santo and various Wolves players, including Neves. His influence in the Premier League club is controversial.

Mendes, who also represents Cristiano Ronaldo, could top the scales. He is said to have agreed with Real President Florentino Perez to make the James exchange.

For James, deportation to the wolves will be the next career blow to his refusal to jump into the big world. But a knee injury could make Real break through the law. Then James would probably have to stay with Royal.

The good news would not be – for both sides.

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