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Bayern Munich – Uli Joenas: First departure, then refund! – Bundesliga


“It was a good time. I'm telling you: that's it. I'm done thank you. "

With these words, Uli Gunes, 67, adopted him on Friday as chairman of FC Bayern and handed over the script to successor Herbert Fanner, 65.

But just twelve minutes after the emotional annual general meeting at the Munich Olympics it was clear: That's it!

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Photo: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

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Uli Jones (r) and his successor, the new Bavarian president, Herbert FannerPhoto: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

At the press conference, Jones has attacked! "The speech was a great event. And then you let some lies – I don't mean, break everything – but damage the whole thing, "Joenas grinned.

The bill for Foenic!

At least since last year's general meeting last year, when Foenek was heavily criticized by club member Johannes Bahmair (34) "The club is not your property", the Bayern patron is no longer a talk buddy.

Cunesh continues: “Under the guise of democracy, freedom of expression. Then come questions that are so outrageous. Today I felt good. And then come these interventions. "

Some club members had about Carl-Heinz Rummeniges, who deals with former coach Nico Kovac, 48, and complains about trips to the Qatar training camp.

However, there was clear criticism above all against Bolt's sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, 42. Member Marcus Miller: "Today, it is he who may have revolutionized the scouts, for example, with Alfonso Davis, who inspires us but who does not literally shine with glory on a weekly basis. I'm not talking about his lack of eloquence. He probably won't become a great speaker. I recommend a rhetoric course! You might have to consider whether you really order Hasan Salihamidzic when you call him on the board. "

Bayern's boss Rummenigge, 64, responded: "No one who writes about him, no one who shoots at him on social media knows him. He's super engaged. He has only one thing in mind: the good and the difficult, the Bayern, the team and thus the success. I ask you to be sensitive to these problems in the future. German is not a native language. Uli was a benchmark for everyone. Believe me: Hassan is on the right track, give him a chance. He deserves it. "

Jones has a very clear opinion among the critical members: "If people don't like it, we still have the option of retreating."

He also collected social media on his favorite topic. Jounes: "With me on the mountain, Pff … he doesn't come to me. When I wake up tomorrow, I'm in a good mood. I'm not vegan, although there is some vegan food in Tegerese. I'm glad I didn't wake up in Aleppo. "

In addition, Joenas announces: "If I am no longer president, I can say more clearly because it does not allow conclusions about FC Bayern at the same time."

That's how you can be sure: not yet!

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