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Bayern Munich – Salihamidzic's future is certain: Supervisory Board makes decision

In the evening, the Supervisory Board of FC Bayern meets. As one of his last official acts, President Ulli Jones wants to be an important figure.

  • Uli Hoeness enters his final week as president of Bayern
  • President Wants Proposal to Upgrade Hasan Salihamidzic to Supervisory Board
  • The Supervisory Board intends to appoint Salihamidzic to the Executive Board

Update from 11.11.2019, 21:06: on board on Bayern met and decided. On Monday night, the panel touched on the future of Hasan Salihamidzic. The result: He wants to promote the former Bundesliga player. Probably the most important Brasio agent recently was outgoing President and Supervisory Board President Uli Jones.

In a press release, the champion's record gave his sporting director a very good will and said: "The Supervisory Board therefore intends to co-operate with Hasan Salihamidzic continue on from July 1, 2020 on board to call. "

Supervisory Board Meeting – an important decision by FC Bayern staff in the evenings

First notice from 11.11.2019, 10.08 am: Farewell week from Uly Jones kicked off On Friday the 67th anniversary will be the last time the President of the Annual General Assembly Bayern to the doctor. And there is a deadline already on Monday, November 11. In the evening, the nine-year-old board FC Bayern Munich AG together, and Eunice will chair this session for the last time as president.

FC Bayern: Uli Gunes angry over 'double-add' phone

However, he still has great concern. The outgoing president wants to propose to his colleague Hasan Salihamidzic from sports director to sports director. In addition, the Patriarch of the CCB wants to recommend "Brezo". As he already did on Sunday, when he called it Sport1 "Doppelback".

"Hasan did a good job this year," Huesen said, realizing that the conversation speaks too little about Salihamidzic. As examples of the sports director's good work, he cited the transfers of Benjamin Paward, Lucas Fernandez and Alfonso Davis, who have been "bred on their own". He expressed a desire at the other end of the line: "I have the following in my heart: That the big parts of the round are utter disrespect to Hasan Salihamidzic here." keep a baby, "he should hear offensively about the club, as * said.

FC Bayern: Also Herbert Fanner for promotion of Salihamidzic

But is that enough to convince the Supervisory Board colleagues? Eminent lawyer Jolena and Salihamidzic have always been. Herbert Fanner, a former Adidas boss and Bayern's appointed boss, sees Salihamidzic in the future as well on the executive board led by Carl-Heinz Rummenigge.

The sports director himself commented on critic cautious. The Council's decision "is not in my power." Bayern v Dortmund's impressive 4-0 should increase the chances of Salihamidzic being promoted. He sees the game as "a good confirmation" of his work. will be announced in the evening after the meeting.

Bayern: Uli Joenas delivers skepticism at the annual general meeting

Following his last meeting as chairman of the Supervisory Board, his last appearance as president will follow on Friday. Jones hands over the script to Herbert Fanner at the annual general meeting, which will also be broadcast live, not as usual in the Audi dome, but because of the expected rush to the Olympic Hall.

Of course, members have to choose Fanner. However, since this is Jonas' express wish, one can assume. Everything you need to know about this year's general meeting can be read here. But Eunes would not be Jolena, he would keep it from Bayern's day-to-day business after taking over. How did he say in HVV 2007? He will serve the club until he can breathe.

Bayern: Uli Jones wants to continue using the office

And even if Hoeness before his departure on Friday in conversation with critic he said, "that's it," he may have doubted the final. He has not yet cleared his office in Saber Stras. He has a guarantee that he can use the room in the absence of the future president.

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