Sunday , January 17 2021

Bauer Suht Frau: RTL farmer sends woman home with heavy saying

Bauer Saht Frau candidate Simon invited three women to meet each other. Picture: screenshot tvnow

“Visually not my case”: Bauer Suht Frau candidate does a short job

For some Bauer Sucht Frau candidates, farm weeks are already in full swing, while others have just begun. East Frisian farmer Simon later received his mail on Monday and selected three women for the barn festival, which was slightly different this year (because of Corona, farmers meet their wives near their farms). But even if the farmer is shy, he has very clear ideas about his future lover. And let his chosen ones feel that …

The 27-year-old girl chose three women to meet for the first time. All the ladies who especially liked the photos. But at the first meeting, the world suddenly looked very different. Christina, Dana and Jackie wanted to conquer the farmer, but student Christina, who was well received by Simon in the photo, suddenly could not achieve more. And the farmer did not hide it.

While the other two women were allowed to talk to each other (though very bumpy), Simon did not want to meet Christina in private. “For one thing, I have a feeling it will not work,” the farmer said briefly in front of the camera. One thing is clear: you will certainly not receive an invitation to court week.

Christina, Dana and Jackie (left) wanted to meet farmer Simon. Picture: screenshot tvnow

Farmer Simon charmingly sends the candidate home

And so it was. Christina was thrown away immediately. He revealed the reason at least in the individual interview:

Christina lacked words, she could not control more than the astonished “O”.

But the young farmer not only did a short job for the student, Dana, who was running for trial week, was sent home again. Only Jackie received the invitation to come to the yard – and she accepted it with gratitude. After all, it is much easier to flirt alone than in front of a competition.


FC Bayern: Lewandowski’s statement about the future makes you sit and notice

Robert Lewandowski: Record holder, for the record champions. This is not expected to change until 2023. But whether the striker will play in Bayern Munich, he leaves open.

Lewandowski told the Associated Press in simple words “I do not know” if he would like to end his career at Bayern. A sentence that makes you sit and notice. Is it still possible to plan a change in top talent?

Only in …

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