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Bauer Suht Frau (RTL): Dennis decides for Niels – finally the whole truth comes to light

In “Bauer Suht Frau” (RTL), viewers get a surprise. Apparently, Denise chooses Niels instead of Sasha. Now it all comes out.

Huxter – This is Denise Mundig, 32, of the Huckster area first farmer in RTL’s “Bauer Sacht Frau” – and also those who talk about this season. And, as the last episode of the dome show with host Inka Baus shows, this is unlikely to change any time soon: she will move to the end of the trial week. An organic farmer finally came up with the languagewhich goes with candidate Niels, whom the 32-year-old first sent home.

Dennis first gave the Bauer Sacht Frau candidate Nils the pass.


Bauer Suht Frau (RTL): First kiss with Denise and Sasha – but then everything changes

In the new episode of “Bauer sucht Frau” (RTL) appeared on Denise and her chosen Sasha have all the signs of a happy ending. Despite the jealous drama, the organic farmer and the contract soldier confess their feelings on December 7th – and the first kiss finally takes place. But at the end of the episode, host Inca Baus announces it Dennis staged a surprise weekend at the farm. And some viewers have already seen him come.

How will Sasha react to the decision made by “Bauer Sacht Frau” – Dennis?


“Bauer Suht Frau” – Denise and Niels are a couple? The rumor mill has been boiling for a long time

Remember: At the beginning of the 16th season of Bauer Soht Frau (RTL), Denise had three men on her farm. Nils Dwortzak, Till Adam and Sasha. Niels had to leave first. Mistake for viewers – they found it Most cute colleagues from agriculture. But while Dennis was on TV, there were already indications on Instagram that the 32-year-old had opted for Niels. Various stories from the former “Farmer looking for a wife” candidate and a horse lover (we published) made fans suspect that Dennis regrets his decision.

Hammer “Bauer Sacht Frau”: Now the truth about Dennis and Niels has come to light

In Review of the December 14 episode of “Bauer Sacht Frau” is finally coming The truth of light“I was still in contact with Niels all the time. (…) And in that way I stood between two chairs all the time, between two men.“And it is clear to the audience: She opted for Niels! How Sasha and Inka Baus react to this surprise can be seen from the grand finale of “Bauer Sacht Frau” on December 21 at the latest on RTL.

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