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Apple Card: Customer blames sexism on Apple credit cards

Updated 12.11.2019, at 10:42 am

One customer blamed the sexual practices on Apple's credit card. Entrepreneur David Heinemeyer Hanson has complained in several tweets that Apple Carton is a "sexy fucking program".

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Problem for Apple and Goldman Sachs in the US: Apple Cardboard's algorithm gave entrepreneur Heinemeyer Hanson 20 times more credit limit than his wife, even though they would both be taxed together.

Hanson – the inventor of the Ruby in Rails programming language and co-founder of Webecamp Basecamp – made several tweets about the disagreement and also reported on his endless infertility talks with Apple's customer service, where no one could explain the unequal treatment. . Instead, the algorithm is charged.

Apple co-founder Wozniak is also reporting unequal treatment

After that, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shared a similar experience. He wrote that he was given ten times the credit limit of his wife. He asked Apple to take responsibility for the card. At the same time, co-founder of the financial company Brezza, Alexander Cohen, reported that his family, on the contrary, had been promised a larger amount of debt to his wife.

The reactions have sparked so much excitement on the Internet that Goldman Sachs – the credit card bank – now feels compelled to make a statement. The bank dismissed any suspicions that an Apple credit card operated by a financial firm could discriminate against women.

The bank said Monday night: "In all cases, we have not made decisions based on factors such as gender, and none." Even with family members, Apple Card applications will be reviewed separately. Among other things, we reviewed income, credit rating and debt.

York wants to investigate

Financial regulators in New York have announced an investigation. "Any algorithm that results in discriminatory treatment of women or any other protected group, with or without intent, violates New York law," City Bloomberg news agency spokeswoman said. The investigation should ensure that all clients are treated equally.

Apple introduced it for the first time this year only in the US-introduced Goldman Sachs credit card. Internet criticism was, however, equally directed against the bank and the iPhone company. (MGB / dpa / AFP)

Apple boss Tim Cook lit fireworks with a real product launch on September 10, 2019: New iPhone 11, new iPhone 11 Pro, new iPad, Apple Watch 5 series and two subscription services. Hardly any idea of ​​the group's products was so complete.

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