Thursday , September 24 2020

API crash: Chrome 80 should limit Adblocker


With the Chromes 80 version Google Adblocker is in the barriers, which can already be seen in the development version of Chrome Canary. The web browser is still in alpha state with the interface changing, and the stable version is expected to be released next year.

Chrome, as well as the open source version of Chromium, should come together without a web search API. The plugin interface is used by blockers to block and block ads. Instead, there is that declarativeNetRequest API – the browser itself then filters the elements, but this is limited to 150,000. Popular blockers like Ublock Origin or Adblock Plus use filtering lists that significantly exceed the allowed range in the future.

The background is the "V3 Manifesto", which Google released in the summer and has already caused great dissatisfaction. In the planning document, the company describes which extensions and features are possible – or will no longer be possible. In the future, extensions will only be able to read browser searches, but they will no longer be able to block or even modify them. First it was also said that there should be only 30,000 filtering rules, the number is now increasing.

Chrome is used by many alternative browsers, they may also be affected. Mozilla, Brave, Vivaldi and Opera have already spoken out against Google's plans to remain an Adblocker API. The Brave browser has a built-in adblocker that was recently reprogrammed to be very efficient. The suspicion is obvious that Google – as an advertising-funded company – is pretty much the result of a weak filter.


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