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Anthem 2.0: BioWare is working on a fundamental overhaul

The anthem has not become BioWay's success and the community hoped for it. Who used to think that the game would then pulse pretty quickly, but now it could be wrong.

According to a new report from generally well – informed colleagues at Kotaku BioWare is now really taking over the awkward anthem. Relying on anonymous sources from the studio itself, the science-fiction epic should be fundamentally revised. The publisher EA has denied comment on the report.

After a number of high-end developers have recently come down and the anthem hit the EA approach seven months after its release, robbery is predicted to improve greatly in the future. Internally called Anthem 2.0 or Anthem Next, it should be in the revised version of the "drastically" changed game.

Among other things, manufacturers want to deal with the structure of the mission, the robbery and the world itself, so KotakuJournalist Jason Freer. When the title was originally released, much of it didn't really work; There were also many performance issues.

The previously announced, already ambitious content launch plan has been delayed significantly, with the release of content for the final game "Cataclysm" long.

Denoch remains true to the BioWire brand, though "many details" about Jimmy 2.0 are "still on the move" and there is no "clear timetable" for further action. Developers seem to have a series of significant updates, much like No Man's Sky Hello Games did. Also this title started extremely ambitious in 2016, could not fulfill many promises. With the huge update of No Man's Sky Next in 2018, many things have actually improved. Does BioWare also succeed with Anthem 2.0?

Anthem Trailer – Game Cataclysm

There is a new event in Hymn: Cataclysm.

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