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Ann Will (ARD) and Miriam McKell: Marriage after three years – sad news

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Ann Will and Miriam McKell in a brief statement issued a sad message: The couple separated. Just three years ago, the two women said yes to each other.

  • TV presenter Ann Will and communications scientist Miriam McKell they parted.
  • In a brief statement, the couple sought to protect their privacy.
  • About three years ago, the two women got married.

Munich – Just over three years ago they had a TV presenter Ann Will 53 and Miriam McKell, 52, sealed their love affair with a registered civic partnership. The two successful women were considered to be lesbian models – but now they have announced: "We parted."

The two women reported on Monday in a statement made available, inter alia, by the dpa news agency. In addition, the longtime couple wrote only: "We will not explain any more and ask to respect our privacy." The sentences are signed under both names: Ann Will and Miriam McKell. The time or reason for the separation they left open.

Separation from TV presenter Ann Will and wife Miriam McKell: End of long-standing relationship

ARD Tokerin and a communications scientist who is also the publisher of Ada Magazine have been a prominent lesbian couple for years. Ann Will announced in 2007 that she is with Miriam McKell, who works at the University of St Gallen as director of the Institute for Media Management and Communication. On August 19, 2016, the two entered into a registered civil partnership in Düsseldorf.

Ann Ard talk talk show: guaranteed success in the first

Anne Will is one of Germany's best-known journalists. With her political speech "Anne Will" she carries the ARD regularly top rating. As of 2016, Ann Will has been the most-watched talk show on German television. In 2017 and 2018, ARD talk averaged 4.1 and 3.4 million viewers, respectively.

On Sunday, Ann would talk to her guests under the slogan "Halftime for Groco – much accomplished, much missed?" About the grand coalition.

Earlier in the week, ARD talks were well on their way to the cause: FDA Secretary-General Paul Zimmak and Fuso CEO Kevin Kohert offered a weak race. The latter also reported violently against Angela Merkel. Again, a week earlier, Ann Will was in Thuringia for the elections.

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