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Ann Will and Miriam McKell: Separation After Three Years of Marriage! – people

They were the most successful (and most beautiful) female couple in the media industry.

One ARD moderator, the other former WirtschaftsWoche editor. Yesterday, reporters Anna Will, 53, and Miriam McKell, 52, had just one sad message to say on their behalf: "We parted," the statement said.

The official start of their relationship was a small sensation: They kept their secret a secret for years. When asked about the rumors, Will and McKell always emphasized that it was just "good friendship". By 2007.

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Ann Will (n.) And Miram McKell 2012 at an event in HamburgPhoto: API

At that time, Germany was still a little more multifaceted than it is today. For their exit, they chose no location. "Yes, we are a couple," Ann Will said at the presentation of the Award for Understanding and Tolerance in Berlin at BILD am SONNTAG. "We just didn't feel like cramps anymore: I'm going, Miriam is coming."

But then the usual performances were rare. McKell works a lot in Switzerland and in Düsseldorf, he talks a lot at conventions. The center of Will is Berlin.

The rumors of separation were again and again. Also in August 2016. Your radiant handsome answer? A beautiful wedding in a small circle. Balloons in the form of two women climbed into the sky.

According to friends, one thing set the tone in their relationship: Miriam McKell.
Admittedly admiring his wife for his academic knowledge, he repeatedly quoted her privately. They both love Erich Costner, especially his novel "Fabian" and both jogging.

According to Bild's information, the end of the relationship is a few months back. But in June, a common appearance emerged: Will and McKell met with Chancellor Dresden Fraunkirche Merkel at the conference on artificial intelligence.

They both want to remain silent about the reasons for their separation. They seek to "respect our privacy".

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