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Andrea Berg: Wow Clothes During a Hit Boom – It Provides In-Depth

Andrea Berg's appearance at Flegerbaum was, for many fans, one of the highlights of the Silberrezizen show. Especially the dress of the Flugger-queen made her to admire.

  • Andrea Berg was on stage at Florian Silberizen's Flagerbaum in 2019.
  • The hit queen performed in an extremely bold space outfit.
  • Fans celebrate Andrea Berg for their looks.

Leipzig – “Schlagerbooom"It caused a furor in 2019 as well. hostFlorian Silberizen again there were absolute top stars on the stage of the ARD show guest. Along with Roland Kaiser and Mayeth Kelly, Silberizan was also surprised by his ex-girlfriend Helen Fisher. After that, the emotional encounter between the former couple dominated the headlines. At the same time, the other Queen Slugger has caused a sensation: Andrea Berg.

Among other things, she performed her song "Hallo Houston" from her current album "Schlagerbooom"puzzle"Unlike Helen Fisher, in which all backstage photos caused an extra stir, it was Andrea Bergs The presence is already known in advance, and for many music fans it was certainly a reason to include the hit "boom". However, Andrea Berg always knows how to surprise and convince with her clothes. Already before the show, Berg made a promising announcement about her upcoming tour: She will turn into a sexy fairy princess and a punk-amazon with a corset, she wrote. Another very bold outfit showed the 53-year-old now in a hit boom. But this is certainly a herald of the tour's layout.

Andrea Berg Delivers 2019 Flagerbaum: Extremely Bold Space Apparel

Andrea Berg delivered a sexy space outfit for the song "Hallo Houston", including an appropriate space crew. Her dancers came in white, leather tight and crop-free clothes. In addition, the costumes on the sleeves and neck were adorned with colorful artistic stones. In addition, the firm, protruding etaults made the uniform look perfect. The male dancers came in equally decorated with sleeveless, white looks. Old Trek sends my respect.

The center of production was of course Andrea Berg. Unlike her dancers, her white pants were cut into a wide strip in front and replaced with a pro-transparent fabric. But a special eye-catcher was the top: Berg also came with Ebones adorned with stones. The top was then next to the navel with an extra deep neck, which gave some hints. In addition, the top below also ran in the V under the singer's ladder. In addition, Andrea Berg wore an extremely strict ponytail.

Fans celebrate Andrea Berg for bold attire

Clothing was extremely popular with their fans. "You looked great," "Great looking, bombshell, mega woman" or: "She looked great and especially dressed up," were a few comments on Andrea Berg's Instagram post. Another fan became even more direct and said, "Horny autofit", Another summed up: "Great clothes. It was just a successful performance. (…) Andrea is mega-beautiful and sexy. "

Andrea Berg at Flagerbauer 2019

© dpa / Herning Kai Serv

Andrea Berg also receives criticism for the look

However, Queen Slager's dress did not suit everyone. One fan has voiced heavy criticism of the singer's appearance: "These one-meter-long extensions I absolutely didn't like, and even this exaggerated makeup I found is absolutely not nice." Andrea Berg does not need these beauty tricks for the fan. In this regard, this post was well intended.

With her new single "Golden Edition", which updates the album once again, Queen Fluger goes on a big tour since the end of November. Will we ever see the space outfit on the concert tour again? It seems at least likely that, after all, the show's concerts should be so close to the start of the tour already. Over the past few weeks, Andrea Berg has provided insights into rehearsals for her concert tour.


List of images with rubrics: © dpa / Henning Kaiser

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