Friday , June 18 2021

All clear? Mia Giulia gives detailed hospital update!

On Monday afternoon, Mia Julia, 31, shocked her fans: Ballerin's singer published a photo from the hospital. Due to severe abdominal pain, fever, fever and diarrhea, she was advised on the advice of her family doctor at the clinic. More information on her health was retained Mia for yourself – until now. On social media, she gave a detailed update and left no details!

Even the show had to Mia cancel – what's on the supercomputing thing! "The evening started, I had stomach cramps; I could not lie down properly and got a strong diarrhea"said the 31-year-old in her InstagramStory and claimed to have more problems with the stomach and intestines. "Even if the subject can be non-sexy" Mia You want to tell your followers, openly and honestly, what is there. "I had serious complaints despite the tablets." And so they sent the blonde to a hospital, where it was now completely checked: "The doctors advised me to do a colonoscopy, I can not believe it with 31!"

One thing is especially against the line: "The worst thing is swill, I have to drink for it." but Mia I would rather be more lenient than the mild: "It's better if it's too late," she explained.

Pop singer Mia Julia, November 2018Instagram / mia_julia_brueckner_officialImage Push Button
Pop singer Mia Julia, November 2018
Mia Giulia on the gig in Palma de MallorcaSean Gallup / Getty Images

Mia Giulia on the gig in Palma de Mallorca
Drink Mia Julia must drink for colonoscopyInstagram / mia_julia_brueckner_official

Drink Mia Julia must drink for colonoscopy

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