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Adam is looking for Eve: Gina-Lisa Lohfink reveals how many men she had sex with

Rhodes –

Some time ago, naked dandies on "Adam is looking for Eve" are sailing in the Greek Aegean Sea. Several candidates had to leave the ship, others join. The new girl did it well.

Jan Sokołowski (29) – you probably know him from the first season of the "Island of Love" show – he just entered the yacht of joy when the candidate Marina (27) throws him has already run away.


Jan Sokołowski turns the girl over with his head.

Jan Sokołowski comes on board and is immediately imprisoned

The cruise for the newcomer begins immediately. And because of course she does not want to waste time, Marina also says: a place to sleep in bed.

In any case – that Jan likes to contact the reality show, the euphoric Eva can still remember that.

"You fell in front of the camera on" Love Island ", right? – Jan asks:" It was under the blanket, you can not see anything. "If we also explained that …

"Adam is looking for Eva": Marina asks Gina-Lisa Lohfink about sex

From the first flirtation, Jan is heading straight to the first challenge. She flies to the shore against other guys, Martin, Marvin and Antonino.

While Adams are on board, Eve has to spend time alone. And how would it be better than round bottles? By the way, "Adam looking for Eve" plays with a gloss.


Jennifer, Gina-Lisa and Sherilyn exchange intimate details.

Read here: First Zoff in "Adam sucht Eva" between Martin and Gina-Lisa

Interesting Marina needs further explanation, this time beating Gina-Lisa.

She is as restrained as before with Jan. "How many men did you have in your bed? Come, quite honest, so 100?" A woman should become a diplomat.

Gina-Lisa calms down: "Up to a hundred! I think even 20 years." We know it now …

Antonino can choose the candidate "Adam looking for Eva"


Jan, Martin, Marvin and Antonino compete for the challenge.

By the way, Antonino decides about rivalry on land. As a reward, he can choose one of two new candidates to come on board and restore the balance between men and women.

He chooses a redheaded Jennifer. And the Nacktreigen goes joyfully …

From 2014 is "Adam sucht Eva"

From 2014. A dating show "Adam sucht Eva – Stranded in Paradise" was released in RTL.

At the beginning of each episode, one woman or one man rows on a raft on a tropical island.

Near the shore, the candidates pull out completely and jump out of the board into the water. On the beach, male and female candidates meet for the first time and stay naked while on the island.

They get to know each other better on the island. If they get along well, they can get dressed in the hotel and have another date.

Now two singles can decide whether to choose a key to a shared hotel room, or to say goodbye to another day and night together.

Naked dating stars

In 2016, the Stars were allowed to undress (read more here). Seven celebrities among the 18 candidates are Leonore Bartsch, Janni Hönscheid, Sarah Joelle Jahnel, Daniel Köllerer, Peer Kusmagk, Ronald Schill and Janina Youssefian.

The first child, "Adam is looking for Eve"

Since the time of Kusmagek's release, then the 25-year-old Hönscheid are a couple. Shortly before, Kusmagk separated himself from his 25-year-old girl, Anna, because the age difference was too big.

Kusmagk and Hönscheid have a child together now (you can get all the information here) – the first child, "Adam is looking for Eve."

All episodes of "Adam sucht Eva" will be available exclusively on TVNOW from November 4, 2018:


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