Wednesday , June 23 2021

28 cases of hepatitis C were diagnosed in Ostalbkreis

A liver-damaging disease often remains undetected for a long time.

Aalen. In Ostalbkreis cases of currently treatable hepatitis C are re-emerging. In this year, 28 people from the district were diagnosed with hepatitis C virus. In 2017, there were also 28 new infections, in 2016 there were 30, and in 2015. Total 27. The Innungskrankenkasse class (IKK) is given and refers to current data from the Robert Koch Institute. In Germany, around 300,000 people live with hepatitis C, the Federal Ministry of Health, estimated in 2016. Only a minority has already been diagnosed.

"Hepatitis C infection usually goes without clear symptoms of the disease, so the liver-damaging disease can remain undetected for years and is often only determined accidentally, for example in blood donation or as part of a check-up," says Hubert Fischinger, IKK regional director . Only one-third of those infected with the hepatitis C virus showed flu-like symptoms and pressure pain in the right upper abdomen. In rare cases jaundice occurs.

Liver disease with hepatitis C viruses are among the most common infectious diseases around the world. According to the World Health Organization, up to four million people are infected each year with a virus. The infection takes place through infected blood that passes into the bloodstream or into the mucous membranes. For example, people who received blood products before 1991 were at risk, healthcare workers who come into contact with blood and blood products, newborns of infected mothers, people who injected or pulled medicines in the past, and people living under non-sterile conditions tattooing or piercing, explains Deutsche Leberhilfe eV

Unlike hepatitis A and B, there is currently no Hepatitis C vaccine because the virus is very versatile and can change its genome again and again. The disease can be treated, but thanks to new medicines it is usually good and is now also curable.

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