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Yellow vests, a year later: tensions in Paris, calm in the regions … What to remember from mobilization this Saturday


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Anger from yellow vests

MOBILIZATION – For their 53rd act, the Yellow Vests are back on the street this Saturday, November 16, in anticipation of the movement's first anniversary. According to the interior ministry, 28,000 people have been mobilized across France, including 4,700 in Paris, where clashes with police have erupted.

They have not been so numerous since the beginning of March. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the "Vesti Vest" movement, which began on 17.11.2018, in particular against rising fuel prices, 28,000 people demonstrated throughout France this Saturday, according to figures provided by the Interior Ministry – "Yellow Number" it estimates 39,530 protesters. The last bid on this order dates from March 9th. However, according to Beow, 28,600 people then broke through the pavement in various cities in Jackson.

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The increasing mobilization that has engulfed many scenes of violence, especially in Paris, where authorities have identified 4700 protesters. Originally centered around Place d 'Italie, clashes continued until the early evening on downtown streets, especially in Les Foles County, face to face sometimes tense between small groups of switches and police.

Outbreak of violence in the capital

Vehicles collapsed or burned, construction equipment burned and garbage bins, looted bus shelters … Sporadic attacks on these groups quickly sparked violence. In the center of 13th Avenue Square, a monument to the Marshall Inouin memorial has been partially demolished while, later, in a sign of heightened tensions, some people walked directly into the police car in front of the police station. prefecture.

Clashes have prompted Prefect Didier Laliment to cancel the event – authorized – which was to begin at 2pm on the North Station. At a news conference, justifying his decision, Michel Delpuyeh's successor called the protesters "individuals who did not defend the cause but continued to destroy" and "systematic attacks on security forces and firefighters".

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At 20:00, as police continued to use tear gas, police headquarters reported a total of 147 people arrested and the Paris prosecutor's office with 129 people in custody.

Some incidents in the regions

In the regions, the first demonstrations began in the morning and continued globally without incident. For example, in the southeast, yellow vests reinvest some circular sides, distributing leaflets to drivers, without degradation or significant disruption. Same thing in the southwest, with hundreds of protesters in Albi, Turne, a few handles in Auch, Guernsey.

The tours have been reinvested in Normandy, Caen and Rouen, and in Brittany, in particular Vanessa. They were in Lille 700 to demand more "social justice, tax justice, climate justice".

But the situation was tense in Nantes, where clashes broke out around 4pm between police and nearly a thousand protesters, according to prefecture figures. In Montpellier, the durability of Deputy Laramie Patrick Wignal was targeted by protesters, with broken glass and several anarchist-style inscriptions on the building, reports AFP.

In Lyon, tear gas fired in the busy downtown area. In Bordeaux there were 600 demonstrations and several hundred in Toulouse, where tear gas and water cannons were used.

Finally, in Grenoble, the unanimous protest against the policy of Emmanuel Macron, who collected yellow jackets, unions (GKT, CSU, Solidares, Unsa, CNT) and associations, mobilized several hundred people in a peaceful atmosphere. Organizers see "preparations for December 5" as the date of an interprofessional strike intimidated by the executive.

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