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Xavier Dupont de Ligone: the bad match of the police services

Saturday, at the end of the day, Guy J. He was quietly exiled from Glasgow's central police station. For nearly twenty hours, this sex-worker has been confused with a fugitive murder suspect for eight years. How could such a mistake have happened and be transmitted by most media all night (read opposite) ? In the making of Saturday's release, The Parisian explains that he contacted five sources before announcing, first, the arrest of Xavier Dupont de Ligone. The latter received the same information: "The Scots told us and repeated, 'This is your man.' The comparison of the impression fits. And this without the use of the conditional. " on the worldthat is "Judicial police investigator near Dupont de Ligoni dossier" who "Call one of the journalists" and says: "DuPont de Ligones was arrested in Scotland. His fingerprints have just identified the Scots. "

Two methods

"If you are looking for where there could be a mistake, for me it is the person who balances with the journalists in the beginning, commented a police source. But it goes further, the escape is also linked to this file, the fugitive's personality. What would allow Scottish police at this stage to be so confident? They face Guy J., 69, while Xavier Dupont Ligones is 58 and does not look like him (though he may have changed his look). Police custody seems to be falling from the clouds: Guy J. No idea what "The case of DuPont de Ligone", sources close to the research liberation. A comparison of prints will be made. In France there are two ways: visually by a specialist (it takes about ten minutes), which requires at least twelve convergence points, without disclosure, to pronounce a "match", or thanks to a machine comparable to those present in the national fingerprint file. It seems to be the first technique used in Scotland. For what results? Contacted by liberationScottish police are refusing to provide more details. "Case resolved, suspect released", spokeswoman Lacon commented.

Let's read tooBack to a crazy night of escape

Sunday Daily recordThe Glasgow-based daily says British police are furious over the allegations. "All the Scottish police have done is respond to a request by the French authorities to arrest an individual at a Glasgow airport under a European arrest warrant. The French seem to suggest that we made a mistake, but we would never confirm or announce the name of the arrested individual. ", explains one "Source" every day. French investigators, they said, were not able to spot the results of the fingerprint analysis, which Scotland does not disclose. The Parisian. However, according to our information, email will for some time establish security and no doubt participate in the run. Based on information from a British official, he confirms the arrest of Xavier Dupont de Ligone, without the use of a conditional. Sent at about 8:30 pm, he transits through international police cooperation circuits before landing an hour later in the respective police and gendarmerie departments.


Around 22:00 and 30:00, the suspicion will really be resolved by the French police. They search the Guy X pavilion in velillin and realize that his fingerprints do not match those of Xavier Dupont de Lignoni. At about midnight, Nantes' parquet floor responds by calling Prudence in an interview with AFP. Why so late? Contact us multiple times from liberation, Nantes' public prosecutor did not follow.

The BBC's Sonia Delesale-Stolper in London


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