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"With the announcement of 'J & # 39; accuse', the embankment between man and artist is spoiled"

Debates over Polanski's film, accused of sexually abusing six women, show that, in the context of the post-method, the classic distinction between a work and its author is increasingly fragile. Chronicle Michelle Gerin, Editor-in-Chief of The World.

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Feminist activists outside the Le Jampo cinema in Paris on November 12.
Feminist activists outside the Le Jampo cinema in Paris on November 12. CHRISTIAN ARCHAMBALT / AFP

chronic. So we have to go see J & # 39; accuse, by Roman Polanski? In principle, the question arises between friends to know if a movie is good. It is there to know if it is "moral". Because her author, in forty years, was accused of sexually abusing six women. The last is a former photographer, Valentin Monier, who narrated Parisian, five days before the posting J & # 39; accusethat Polanski beat and raped her in 1975, when she was 18 and he was 45 in her Swiss villa – the director denies it. It was two years before Samantha Gimmer, a 13-year-old California native, was drug-raped and raped.

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To see a movie or not is to know whether to differentiate a man from an artist, as they say. There is some crazy literature on this subject, which could make a baccalaureate subject, which stems from the existence of art and aims to check through the plethora of creators, often not the worst. In France, the realm of creative freedom, the work has an aura that makes one subject except, provided it is permissible, as is the case with Polanski's film. In other words, if a director is put in the public square, everyone decides what he wants to do with his work.

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But in the context of the aftermath, the testimony of actress Adele Chanel that it is Valentin Monier breaking the embankment between man and artist. This is obvious to Polanski, who is still a refugee for the United States. In 2002, while the Samantha Gimmer case was buried, his film The pianist, it is a true masterpiece, winning the Palme d'Or in Cannes and the three Oscars in Hollywood. But recently a case law has emerged: don't censor it, but don't celebrate it. In 2017, he must step down from the presidency of the Caesars ceremony, his hindsight at the Cinematheque being disrupted and then removed from the Academy Academy.

"Cinema is to blame, public accomplice"

The pressure increases for notch output at J & # 39; accuse, whose promotion was, to say the least, chaotic. Forty feminists were able to cancel a screening at the Le Jampo cinema in Paris on November 12. They shouted: "Polan rapist, China guilty, public accomplice. " It is the whole movie chain, from the producer to the theater, through the actors, who is to blame. The public too. Feminist activist Chloe Madesta declares it"Buy a place for J & # 39; accuse is a gesture that is considered criminal. ". The hashtag #boycottpolanski is appearing on social networks. Senator PS Lawrence Rossignol is in this position. Secretary of State for Gender Equality Marlene Jiapa says she won't see her J & # 39; accuse. But Coralie Miller, a spokesman for Osez la féminisme!, A leader in the fight against Polanski, qualifies the film as 'Necessary'.

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