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Who is Pauline Derulede, who made Camille Campbell cry?

Television spotted the newspaper's heroes this Saturday, November 16th. While Sophie Davant and the artists surprised some (and made her cry on Twitter) the letter on France 2, TF1 moves the anonymous people that were sent to the floor on Dance with the stars. Fule Bendova, a city dancer victim of grossophobia, Audi Mihon, who dances in the bed of hospitalized patients, as well as Pauline Derulde, amputated on one leg. And this last one particularly moved the show's set.

"I know everything you went through"

Even the lovable Camille Campbell couldn't hold back tears after Pauline Deroule's performance with Sami El Gudari and Chavez Shaw of his favorite title, Always remember us this way Lady Gaga. Moderator Dance with the stars Her red eyes were red with emotion as she greeted the trio after her contemporary dance.

And as we can hear in his voice, he began to cry kissing the young woman. "Brother Ma Pauline, I know everything you went through, we see you there sincerely, it's nice, congratulations on your courage," launched Camille Campbell to Pauline Derulde, before giving judges Jim, Jean-Marc Geneux, Chris Marquez and Patrick Dupond an edge, both equally fueled by this performance and by the story of the young woman, known behind the scenes. As shown in his Linkedin CV, Pauline Derulde is a Casting Manager at Studio 89 Production (Group M6) and previously worked as an assistant in Eurosport and Shine. Viewers were able to see it last month in TF1 and LCI news, devoted to the topic of his fight and his story.

A tragic accident

At the age of 28, she lost her leg a year ago after a tragic accident: while sitting quietly on a scooter, a 92-year-old man was hit by a car. Since then, Pauline Derulde has been fighting for tighter controls to be imposed on older drivers. A former tennis teacher, she also returned to training four times a day to compete in the 2024 Paralympics.

But before we could reach, perhaps one day, these two goals, Pauline Derulde was already sparing to find herself dancing on the floor of Dals. "I was last year on set in the audience and the moment I was in a wheelchair, it was just beginning, two weeks after my accident, my first exit."she told the cameras on the show. "Today, we are on the dance floor with the stars, pushing me to see the whole path I was traveling on," she continued, adding: "The nightmare turns into a dream." A great lesson about life and the moving sequences you can find in the videos below:

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