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What is the port of call for public transport?

Desire women on a beach, in Algeria, in 2016. – ALLILI MOURAD / SIPA

  • How to access the port of voicemail in public space?
  • The question is what kind of political debacle, aside from the politics provoked by Julien Odoul, is the RN, which is demanded by a retiree woman who sounds like a regional conseil.
  • On the road, by surprise, in the cell … Browse all the different places of concern.

Où peut-on legé porter le voile en France? Departing the polemic provoked by Julien Odoul, each of the national Rassemblies who demanded a female visit to a regional retirement consulate, voiced the question.
(I don't care) in public debate.

And there is considerable noticeable confusion, notably interpreted by "interpretation interference" invoked by the SDIS of Oise next to annulment, but with some sort of scanner in a pumping chamber the presence of a sound accompanist. 20 Minutes get the point where you want to lie.

Dance in public

Drop in the port of the religious signs in the public space, such as sound, a cross or a kipa, conforming to the principle of religious liberty, definitively – notwithstanding – by Article 10 of the Declaration of the Homes and of the Citizen of 1789: "Nothing shall be inquired about by any of these opinions, other religions, than to cause such a manifestation of trouble in the public domain." »

Article 9 of the European Convention on the Rights of the Homosexual provides that the manifesto of religion or of those convictions is not subject to the restrictions imposed by such cells, constituted by the law, constituting a measure. nesscesses, in a democratic society, for public security, for the protection of the public, for the sake of public morality, or for the protection of freedom and liberty. "

All rights reserved This site is publicly guaranteed "liberty of conscience and liberty of manifestation of its religious application, [ce qui suppose] la liberté pour chacun d'exprimer sa religion, celle de la pratiquer et celle de l'abandonner, in respect of public lord. »

The port of toute "destined to dissipate sonic imaging" – such as the niqab or the burqa – is being interred in the public domain since December 2010.

Dans le cadre scolaire

As the universe authorizes the port of voicemail of most Jews, it is in the interconnected order of the elephants, from the material to the lycée – they are not scolarized in public publishing.

Launched on March 15, 2004, the port of signaling or harassment by the children is manifestly an intermittent religious appellation. »

«In 2004, interconnecting all portable signals, such as voicemail or kippa, discrete signals – such as a pet croix or a fat head – are not authorized. – not authorized, "said Nicolas Cadène, rapporteur-general of the Observatoire de la l'accité.

In the event that professors are subject to a revocation of the obligation to respect the principle of neutrality, such as implying that this site is publicly available, "for the purpose of public service and neutrality in the face of all religions and all religions." ».

"Les parents quit accompanying some sort of scolaire are not being revanchised following the principle of neutrality exercised in a public service mission", souls Nicolas Cadène.

En entreprise

Les salariés sont porter de books de religious signs ostentatoires. There is also a wide range of entreprises available, limiting the port of a religious sign. A condition such as this is justified by objective justification, by Nicolas Cadène – exemplified for safety or hygiene purposes.

A guide to the reception of religious religion in private enterprise, the Observatory on the subject of rationality outside of jurisprudence centered on the Cour de Cassation: «An employer has, in the interest of" business intelligence, "preached in the internal regulation of interference, or in a service note containing more provisions than the internal regulation, a "neutrality clause" including the visible port of any political, philosophical or religious sign on the traffic light ».

A condition that is "" general and indifferent clause "(wanting to see all the convictions and all the salaries on the post concerned). [ne soit] Applied to the salaries of posts concerned "being in contact with clients" ».

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