Monday , January 25 2021

Wall Street ends with a penalty penalty



(Reuters) – The Stockholm Stock Exchange ended a 0.8% drop on Tuesday, punished by the release of results that are considered disappointing and due to the political stalemate in Washington, where the dossier on the plan to support the economy is not moving forward no.

The Dow Unions Index lost 222.19 points to 27,463.19 points.

The larger S&P 500 lost 10.29 points, or -0.30%, at 3,390.68.

Nasdaq, for its part, advanced 72.41 points (0.64%) to 11,431.35 points.

If the White House said it was confident Tuesday of reaching an agreement with Democrats on a plan to support the US economy affected by the coronavirus epidemic in the “next few weeks”, this schedule seriously raises doubts about the compromise hypothesis ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

On the stock, Tiffany ended 4.93% to 128.88 after announcing the discussion information for the reduction of the price that LVMH can pay to use it, reviving the hopes for success of the takeover bid.

Xilinx jumped 8.56% to 124.35 after announcing its acquisition of Advanced Micro Devices (-4.07%) for $ 35 billion.

On the downside, Caterpillar ended a drop of -3.24% to 157.91 after announcing a 54% drop in third-quarter profit.

In the oil market, WTI stood at $ 39.45 (+ 2.31%) and Brent at $ 41.16 (+ 1.75%).

The dollar fell -0.09% against a basket of currencies minutes after Wall Street closed, while the euro stood at $ 1.1810 (+ 0.02%).

Ten-year bond market paper [US10YT=RR] fell by 2.9 basis points to 0.7743%. His five-year-old colleague [US10YT=RR], fell -1.7 basis points to 0.3317%.

(French version by Nicolas Delame)

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