Monday , June 14 2021

Vincent Lambert: Experts confirm his "irreversible chronic vegetative state"

Vincent Lambert, 42, of whom ten as a quadriplegic patient at the University Hospital in Reims (Marne), is confirmed as "irreversible" by justice-appointed experts, according to their AFP report on Wednesday.

These experts responded to the decision on the patient's condition from 2014, the date of the latest official expertise, before the eventual activation of the procedure for stopping care, appointed by the Administrative Court in Chalon-en-Champagne, desired by the hospital center.

"Vincent Lambert is in a state of total functional impotence because of irreversible encephalic lesions, of which he was a victim in 2008, a ten-year evolutionary monitoring period," the three experts said in their November 18 report.

His state of health results in "an extremely or complete restriction of his ability to gain access to consciousness, communication, motor skills, the expression of his personality, irreversible alteration of his image, undermines him to a certain extent. Which is not acceptable to himself, his wife and teacher "Rachel Lambert," they added.

In a car accident, on a small road near Chalon-en-Champagne, on Sept. 29, 2008, she left for this psychiatric sister for 32 years, married to her father, damaged by the brain and quadriplegic.

Five years later, the start of the legal battle over whether he was alive or not, promoted among relatives expelled from opposing values ​​in the forefront of the media scene and his case became a "case".

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