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VIDEO – Protesters force Ministry of Higher Education networks against student insecurity


LONDON – Four days after the student rampage in front of Krus de Lyon, protesters forced the Paris Ministry of Higher Education's networks. They briefly entered the building shouting "Vidal resignation" before leaving on arrival at the police.

Dozens of forced laborers, on the evening of Tuesday, November 12, on the Ministry of Higher Education networks, marched to Paris for a demonstration in support of a student who relaxed in front of Cruise de Lyon, four days after gathering outside Paris' premises. Crus, the protesters then launched a wild demonstration to the ministry.

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At about 8pm, at the call of several student unions, the protesters managed to open the ministry's gates, and dozens of them briefly remained indoors, chanting "Vidal resignation" or "Shameful murder, insecurity kills". The protesters then disbanded after police arrived, according to reporters present at the scene. The site has signs on the walls, including "killer" and "killing insecurity".

In a statement, Higher Education Minister Frederick Vidal, who was the subject of calls for his resignation on the occasion, "strongly condemns the violence and degradation that occurred on the sidelines of rallies on Tuesday, November 12, as well as the raid of protesters in the Amphitheater Lee Second, it resulted in the cancellation of the conference that was to be held by François Hollande. "

"The tragic gesture made by a young man last Friday provoked legitimate emotion, but the violence could not take place at the university. Calls for violence and death threats sent to KROUS leaders who multiplied throughout the day are unacceptable, "the minister said. Concerning the student who was ravaged in Lyon, Frederick Vidal "recalls that in parallel with the investigation opened by the Republic's prosecutor, she seized the Inspectorate General for Education, Sport and Research, so that all the light was drawn on the circumstances of the play."

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Ministry of Forced Higher Education Network: Marlene Chiapas responds

On Tuesday, demonstrations were held in several cities in France to condemn the insecurity of students after Anne K.'s self-sacrifice, 22 years, 90% burned and still "between life and death" after a self-escape Friday before Krus de Lyon. In a letter in which he explained his action, he condemned the students' insecurity and accused Emmanuel Macron, Francois Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy and the EU. The message was resumed Tuesday night. "We dropped a grid, but it's nothing, it's symbolic, we want to bring down the whole neoliberal system, which makes us insecure," said the student, on condition of anonymity, in the microphone of LCI.

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