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VIDEO Iris Mitterener wounded: Kiril Hanuna questioned the version of TF1

Tensions between Kirill Hanouna and TF1 will not work. This Wednesday, November 21, the host and columnist Gilles Verdes assured that Iris Mittenaere is not sure he can participate in the next dance bonus with the stars.

It was learned this Wednesday, November 21, Iris Mittenaere made a very painful morning yesterday, during the training. Dance with the stars. While she repeated the wearing with her partner Anthony Colette, Miss Universe fell into cubes. Seriously injured, she was taken to hospital and was in power, at the doctor's order, not to move for two days. The young woman confirmed this this afternoon on her Instagram account: " Yes, I hurt myself and I do not want anyone, because the cocaine is extremely painfulshe told the fans. Yes, I had to stay 48 hours in bed by order of a doctor and I lost two days of training. "

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However, Iris Mittenaere should be able to dance next Saturday for the semifinals of the show. " She should continue her rehearsals until Thursday, November 22nd and will be on Saturday in the room Even announced TF1. But, according to Kiril Hanuna, this may not be the case. The moderator devoted this Wednesday to a whole range of Do not touch my position in the crash of Iris Mittenaere. " This is the season of all the injuries in DALShe began. That kept my blood … All of these injuries in DALS … I do not know where we are going, but we are still going there. He then aired several times, with a slow motion, the video about the fall of the young woman. " If you can not dance, what will happen? He asked his columnists. And if Isabelle Morini-Bos, Valery Benaim and Jean-Michel Meare tried to tell him that TF1 has already confirmed that he will be in the air next Saturday, Kiril Hanuna did not want to hear.

Iris Mittenaere is finally absent from the dance bonus with the stars?

The host told him a member of his team known for his attacks: Gil Verdez. The columnist assured that the calming statements of TF1 should not be taken for money: " TF1 is completely panicked, because Iris Mittenaere is not sure to dance! There is still a problem with the cocktailhe remembers. And if she does not dance, there will be only two couples[au prime]! According to him, it would be – in this situation completely hypothetically – it is impossible for a young woman to have a fixed price that qualifies directly for the final. " They invent a settlement pointassured Gilles Verdez. If Iris Mittenaere does not dance, there may be a fingerprint of the last eliminated, Heloise Martin. This hypothesis persuaded Kiril Hanuna: " We go to it if it can not play He confirmed.

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The relationship between TF1 and Cyril Hanouna is already very tense: the channel recently condemned it in a statement " a systematic campaign of revenge "De Touche is not on my post against Carin Ferry, co-host of Dance with the stars. These new host doubts, which call into question Une's official information, can put oil on fire. Especially since they also oppose the testimony of Iris Mittenaere, who assured herself that she can dance to the next bonus: " I will be on the floor Saturday, for all those who supported me for Antony, my partner in the adventureshe assured the Instagram. I do not want to forgive, we have reached the semifinals, I will fight to the end! For you, for Anto and for all who believe in me. But Kiril Hanuna apparently did not read this message …

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