Saturday , October 23 2021

Valérie Pécresse wants to convert paris to electric bikes


The Île-de-France region will offer from January 2019. Up to 20,000 electric bicycles for long-term rental of residents, for a monthly fee of 40 euros.

Carpooling, carsharing, intelligent vehicles or scooters … the revolution in transport continues in Île-de-France. To spread in the region and the city, for several years the inhabitants have developed some interest in cycling, although this is only 1.6% of the daily travel of the inhabitants of Ile-de-France.

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To meet the environmental challenges, Ile-de-France Mobilités decided to invest in means of transport contributing to the so-called "soft" traffic and will offer from September 2019. Electric bicycles for long-term rental. Following the announcement of the tender announced in 2017. By Ile-de-France Mobilités, a consortium of La Poste, Transdev, Velogik and Cyclez was established on Thursday to create a new public service called "Véligo". rent. "

40 euros per month, for a maximum of six months

Extremely blue, this new two-wheeled electric appliance will be offered in a long-term rental company – six months – for a fee of 40 euros per month. This time limit has been set to ensure that up to 190,000 people in the region can benefit during the six-year contract. First, more than 10,000 bikes will be available at Ile de France, but the park can reach up to 20,000 models if demand increases.

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As with the Navigo card, a monthly subscription can be paid in 50% by the employer, even if it already returns half the amount. Bike maintenance is included in the subscription. On behalf of the president of the Vallerie Pécresse region, 'the mobility of tomorrow will be manifold', and '-le-de-France' Mobilités must 'ensure harmonious development in the service of travelers'. The Île-de-France region will provide users with parking spaces in the Véligo area, as well as a secure hostel available at railway stations in the region.

"Véligo" is kept at home

An increasingly popular electric bicycle provides assistance to cyclists on journeys of 9 kilometers, thus minimizing physical effort. This electric bicycle is not positioned as a competitor of Velib, but rather as a complementary service. Unlike the Velib kiosks, future tenants of these electric bikes will be able to store the "Véligo" at home.

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While much of the trip in Île-de-France is short journeys, often from 5 to 15 km, this public service delegation aims to encourage people in the region to include an electric bicycle for their daily trips. With special emphasis on commuting from home to work, the region wants to encourage Parisians who use public transport not to take the car to get to their departure stations. With a variable budget of EUR 61.7 to 111 million, the "Location Véligo" service will be the largest long-term rental service for electric bikes around the world.

Very expensive to buy, an electric bike requires a budget for the person, from 1500 to 2000 euros for the highest rates. In 2017, it represented only 9% of total bicycle sales. While the government wants to drive the French to more bicycles, the electrical option seems to have good days ahead. It remains to be seen whether the new service meets the needs of Parisians.

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