Friday , October 22 2021

Tony Parker feast, Harden throws (finally) rocket home – NBA


The French veteran contributed very much to the success of Charlotte of Detroit (113-103) on Sunday. Houston eventually won at home, and the Lakers won the third victory in the rankings.

No longer stopping Tony Parker: reinforced by transfer to Charlotte, the French veteran scored 24 points in the victory of his team in Detroit (113-103) on Sunday, and Frank Ntilikina was quickly dismissed on the bench in the Knicks tour against Orlando (115 -89).

At the age of 36, Parker still surprises by playing his 18th season at the NBA. "He still has not lost his speed of movement and reaction, we've never been able to stop him," said Dwane Casey, a Detroit trainer. "We saw again why he intends to enter the Hall of Fame," he admired.

A four-time NBA champion who flew this summer in Charlotte, San Antonio, fainted Pistons with 24 points in 28 minutes of play, three rebounds and four assists.

He also impressed his teammates again. "Tony is a leader, he brings passion and + victory + approach, he knows how to win matches," said Kemba Walker.

The Parker / Walker Association wreaks havoc: TP, the leader in the rankings, allows Walker to deal with blows, but they are increasingly on the ground together during the game. "I love playing with Kemba, it's easy to play with him, it works well," Parker said.

"We have good young people, they want to learn, it's a pleasure to be on their side"

Tony Parker

"What we do in the fourth quarter in the last three games is really good," he said when Charlotte won three of the last four games and returned to sixth place. Eastern Conference (7 v-6 d).

Parker enjoys the role of a mentor: "We have good young people, they want to learn, it's a pleasure to be with them," he admitted.

Another Frenchman, Evan Fournier, spent a good evening in Madison Square Garden, to the detriment of his young compatriot, Frank Ntilikina. Fournier (12 points in 19 min) and Magic outclassed the Knicks, limited to ten points in the catastrophic first quarter.

Quickly recalled on the bench by his coach David Fizdale, Ntilikina had only six minutes of play to play in the mouth and ended the meeting with a slight reflection.

Former Strasbourg could have lost his term, the script Fizdale refused to comment on: "I wanted to see other configurations, Frank was in trouble," he noted. The Knicks, regretting their fans, lost four of the last five games and took 12th place at the Eastern Conference (4-0-10).

Three in a row for the Lakers

For his part, James Harden woke up and offered Houston the first home victory of the season, scoring 40 points in the Indiana match, beating 115 to 103. Harden, MVP (best NBA player), improved the four units of his record-breaking score of the season (36) .

His alter ego Chris Paul added 26 points, and Carmelo Anthony, officially sick and unofficially at the start, did not hit his second game in a row.

The Rockets team, the best regular season team in the 2017-18 season, lost four previous matches to the public and remained in two dire losses in Oklahoma City (98-80) and San Antonio (96-89). They remain at the 12th place in the Western Conference (5 v-7 d), away from Golden State (11 v-2 d).

For the first time this season, the Lakers have won three victories, defeating Atlanta 107 to 106. LeBron James scored 26 points, but the hero of the evening is Tyson Chandler, who saved the Lakers with a monumental counter on the last possession of the ball against the novice Trae Young. The Lakers, who won five of the last six games, jumped to 8th place (7c-6d).

Last night results:
New York – orlando 89 – 115
LA Lakers – Atlanta 107 – 106
Portland – Boston 100 – 94
Denver – Milwaukee 114 – 121
Houston – Indiana 115 – 103
Detroit – Charlotte 103 – 113

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