Thursday , February 27 2020
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three dead in shipwreck in French Guyana

The Maroni River separates Guyana from Suriname (illustration). – T.TROSSAT / Sipa

Three bodies were recovered after the ship was stranded in the Irakbubo River on Friday night, General Stefan Bras, a gendarmerie commander in Guyana, told AFP on Monday.

"The female body was found Sunday night and two male bodies were found on Monday," he said.

Haiti's pregnant woman was rescued Friday night before being "shocked" at the 100-kilometer Kuru hospital, according to a source close to the investigation. "We are probably in a situation where people are trying to bypass the gendarmerie border crossing," the general said.

Illegal immigration?

In Iraq, a municipality 150km west of Cayan and 110km east of Saint Laurent du Maroni (Suriname border), a fixed gendarmerie-controlled identity position is installed, making Guyana a special case within of the Republic.

"According to testimony in the hearing of the person who was rescued (heard from gendarmes at the Kuru hospital on Saturday), there were six people on board, four passengers and two alleged smugglers. The ship was too small to carry six passengers, which could be one of the reasons for the encapsulation, General Brass told Reuters, confirming information from the Guaveb site. Two of the six suspects aboard the plane were still not found Monday.

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