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Thousands of Valentine's SMS messages arrive with 9 months of delay and sowing discord – Edition du soir Ouest France

"Can you explain to me why my phone sent a text message to my boss at one o'clock in the morning? And why did I get a text message from nowhere at 4am? […] It is unacceptable. "

So says Janeine Abraham, a US social network user on Twitter, in a message sent to the account of the US phone company Sprint this Thursday.

She is not the only one who has lived through this accident. Thousands received a text message unexpectedly Wednesday night in the United States. In all, 168,114 messages were affected. They were sent last February 14 but did not leave that day, reports US television channel CNN. The messages were finally transmitted almost nine months after Valentine's Day!

"It made me feel like a kick in the stomach"

Since then, Internet users have been numerous on social media. Some take the situation with a smile, happy to receive a message on Valentine's Day in November.

But they are very rare: the situation has caused much confusion.

A computer problem is causing the problem. (Photo: Jurassic Fresh / Unsplash)

Supervisor Alana Nonson, a Los Angeles librarian, received a message that she would be on the run the next day because she was sick. It was 1:15 am this Thursday. "Fortunately, he understood", she tells the American newspaper The Washington Post.

Several social network users also said they received messages from some of their relatives who died between February 14th to the present. "It made me feel like a kick in the stomach", lost one of them, who wanted to remain anonymous, quoted by the US website specializing in new technology news Threshold.

Problem with computer

The problem has affected all the largest telephone operators in the country, the report said Threshold. One of these companies, T-Mobile, told US media Service Provider stood behind this long delay in sending SMS.

It is Sunivers, a US telecommunications company that manages a platform for sending text messages between networks of different telephone operators in the United States.

In the US, many Internet users have reported their misfortune on social media. (Photo: Startup of Pexels)

The company quickly acknowledged its responsibility in a statement to US media. The problem was caused by 'Maintenance Operations' computer, say the company. Without specifying whether they happened this week or last February.

The question remains: why did the error precisely touch messages sent on February 14th? A spokesman for Siniverse told the US Web site HuffPost not him "No further details" secure this file …

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