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Thomas Cook, a faillite avant tout managériale

Almost as franchise economics is focused on difficult to find two airline companies, Aigle Azur and XL Airways, Royaume Uni is prone to a similar sector with a problem with more women. Thomas Cook, on the other side of the planet, cruised in 1841, was launched on September 23, 2019. It has over 600,000 clients over 150,000 Britons who are governed by Sa Majeste's first rapatrier dance. the frame of an operation of an inductor.

The flight is implemented in 16 days, employing 21 000 salaried (compared to 1 150 at Aigle Azur and 600 at DL Airways). The semester results (on March 31, 2019) were particularly catastrophic with a mere 1.5 milliard miles (1.7 milliards of Euros) for a 3 milliard yards (3.5 milliards en euros).

L'chec du du plan de la suet

The debates took place during the weekends between 21 and 22 September, over 900 million people planning a conduit by the Fosun chino group (the premier action and proprietary event of the Mediterranean Club) at the beach. créanciers qui reclamient 200 million de plus. The British governorate has a suitorial appointee and the premier minister Boris Johnston has just quoted what he calls a "moral upheaval" in telecommunications in South Africa as an additional British companion to the fair trade process.

And what about the repatriation of Thomas Cook's British clients, 113 million livestock, the livelihoods of these four earners as those futures recyclables have a disproportionate share of the 150 million livestock that the builder is demanding? sauvetage à l'État britannique. The registry does not come as a surprise to the doctrine of non-interventionist economic conduct in companies that are already in the forefront of Carillion, the No. 2 BTP brand, in 2018. Boris Johnston is the driver of the directors the computation that would otherwise be responsive, provoking a polymorph around the removals that are most relevant to them.

Explications nombreuses

Plus directions are not invoked to explore Thomas Cook's work, provided by these directors. In the first place, a defection of English clients by reducing rates of 20 to 30% in the Brexit suite, which is delivered by a bailout, one party, and other parties, two These successes are particularly hot in Europe of the North due to the attractiveness of habituated habitats.

It has the potential to directly impact 600,000 clients across the globe.
Costas Metaxakis / AFP

This external defect has been reinforced by the environmental preoccupations of consommators that are not delivered by "no fly" or "less fly" movement, particularly in Nord of Europe. In the second place, the competition between agencies in terms of benefits plus disruption or disruption to a competitor such as Airbnb has altered the habits of consumption and exploration of the difficult business of Thomas Cook. Mais comme l'indique The Guardian, «Thomas Cook a russia to vend 11 millions of vacancies all over the world. It is also a deal with Expedia to streamline the clientele and provide a detailed essay on how to generate differentiation through differentiation. "

These banks refuse recapitalization plans by such augmentation (such as 750 million livestock units, 900 billion, 1.1 billion), but most of them advance on tropically. by this means trapping longitudinal trains. Enfin, the hypothecary of a gesture of vengeance, is a quasi-evangelist, who is rejoining the proposition of the premier British minister.

I have activated assez peu dynamique

As the essay illustrates, the situation is not met by a macabre analogy to a financial autopsy by Thomas Cook commended by his finance minister, who is in fact the origin of the matter. How to observe the evolution of net financial distress (trimestrielle), the Thomas Cook tourist attraction does not have the appetite, such as the regulation of the type of taxation that is required to raise funds. s'aggraver la situation de trimestre en trimestre.

Financial details nette de Thomas Cook.
Comptes de la société.

Thomas Cook exclusively operates in two principal and complementary domains, the tour operator offering mainly surveys including physical and on-line flights, and air carrier flights with a fleet of 100 aircraft (22 available proportions). ). How to compare the dynamics of the TUI alligator group, the premier European tourist group, on how Thomas Cook's activity is related to the two current events, which are also scheduled for 2010 to 2018. the society is at a distance distant from its competing principal for more than just sectoral contradictions.

Chiffre d'affaires annuel (en millions d'euros).
All societies arrive on September 30th each year.

Operating performance measures

Surprised and quoted in the 2010 Economics Conjuncture of 2018, Thomas Cook pegged the margins at the net (RN) level, which is plus plus the rest of the money. The comparison of net charge (net result / chip loads) with TUI over the period of time is plus plus the cruise ship is not progressively improving performance.

Ratio net result / chiffre d'affaires.
All societies arrive on September 30th each year.

These performance measures are typically performed on cash flows generated by exploitation. They are insufficient to finance investment and reclamation of the property, deteriorating the loss of interest, which is conducive to fine-tuning and to the situation of failure.

The results of this autopsy report are financially unchanged. Explicit exceptions invoked by management such as conjuncture circuits (climate, Brexit, kerosene, etc.), sectoral controls liable to concurrent convection, or large frilosized troughs, not necessarily anodized but also incorporates more than just the difference between conductors. These advertisers do not change the business model of entrepre- neurship, as well as being a restrictor to the financial structure, which is conducive to an ineluctable facilitation of the conjunctur problem. The level of the trop resides in the jousting of the removals, but does not necessarily have the circuits provided. Verdict: coupables!

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