Saturday , September 26 2020

This piece of metal is totally unspeakable


Researchers have been able to develop a metal structure that floats in the water instead of sinking, and may prevent the boats from sinking into the ocean or your cellphone from falling to the bottom of the toilet.

Credits: University of Rochester / YouTube.

The range of possible applications seems, to date, unlimited: aviation, marine, automotive, and even smartphones! What are they likely to have in common in the future? The same indelible metal alloy. Scientists at the University of Rochester, New York, are really of a metal structure floating in the water, rather than sinking. The researchers were inspired by the capabilities of Argyronete (Argyroneta aquatica), a spider that spends most of its time underwater. It pushes air bubbles between the legs so they can go to the surface or move up and down as desired. Junlei Guo and his team developed a roomy, metallic structure capable of reproducing the performance of "The Argyronite". With laser engraving technique, they made one of two faces, two pieces of aluminum very thin, super-hydrophobic.

When in contact with water, these persons turn water off and, like oil droplets, allow the room to float. To produce flotation in either position, they positioned the two pieces so that the hydrophobic faces are facing outward. They then clung to each other leaving a small gap, but precise enough to hold the air bubbles to maintain the floating state. This metal structure continues to be inexpressible even after two months of being forced to the bottom of the water. Besides, even with holes, hover! "The key is that multilayer super hydrophobia can capture a large volume of airGuo said in a statement. Such surfaces can even be used to make a range of electronic devices (and other metal objects) that cannot be cleaned. " Details of this innovation are published in applied materials and interfaces and illustrated in the video below:

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