Saturday , October 16 2021

The Throne Test plunges into misery

VIDEO – Libertine claimed that at the time of the facts one of the complainants had difficulty in convicting Wednesday at the hearing, she devoted herself to the sexual demands of the deputy mayor under coercion and control.

Eva Loubrieu accuses Georges Tron, the mayor of Draveil (Essonne) of having raped her and sexually assaulted with the active participation of her assistant, Brigitte Gruel. It was ten years ago. At the head of Seine-Saint-Denis, she has every appearance of sincerity, when she explains in a deep, slightly veiled voice: "I am here because I had the misfortune to meet Georges Tron and Brigitte Gruel in 2006. He puts me in a psychological and physical state extremely difficult to do not say unbalanced. "

She tells a 32-year-old woman she was then, abandoned by her husband, with no means, with a child under his care, who goes to the town hall in Draveil to find a job. Fortunately, Mr. Tron seems willing to offer him someone in the industry that fascinates him: book and bookbinding. During the second conversation, during a meal in the presence of third parties, "it takes two hours". She does not react, does not encourage this maneuver: "It was the deputy mayor, I was impressed and potentially able to work."

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In fact, Mrs Loubrieu is employed, she was promoted soon. Organizes cultural events for the commune. At the same time, the mayor, as she says, regularly called her to her office. According to the "ritual without words", the adept of foot reflexology requires a foot massage and more. In spring 2007, he asks him to stop, but he, as an answer, "incorporates" Mrs. Gruel into their antics. It's about caresses and digital penetrations.

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According to the presumption of the sincerity of the civil party, the oral ritual of these opponents is contrary to the simplicity of the objective data. Among them is the repetition of the alleged facts: a dozen times, at least for those who are not prescribed, over two years. Why so long? The "right of way" justifies the civil side.

And then there are the text messages sent by the plaintiff from May to August 2007. To her, who, according to her, for over a year, profits from her financial misery, abuses her power of choice. President Coirre reads some of them, including their punctuation: "I embrace you and think about you, suspension points"; "I embrace you and more, suspension points"; "Happy birthday, kiss you again and again, hangover points." President: "Are you a writer, these texts can not be passed on to women in love, or at least not available? Why would you like a message on her birthday?" Eva Loubrieu, whose voice shakes a little: "I sent him what he wanted to read. feelings and devotion. "Brigitte Gruel too? Because in February 2009, the Preventive Period, Mrs. Loubrieu attends together with other employees of the City Hall in the purchase of a birthday gift for an assistant, which now condemns the criminal desire …

The applicant's lawyer asks questions to her client and then to the Legal Advisor. Everyone knows that the defense will apply to discredit Eva Loubrieu, otherwise he would argue libertine, and, no wonder, he does it. He claims that nothing has happened, and therefore he does not refer to the plaintiff's consent – Virginie Faux condemns the same kind of action – but their lies, their malicious fabrications in two words, political conspiracy. We count fingers, we speak with hair color, we learn language movements. This grim rehearsal takes Assise Court for four weeks. The room is full.

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