Thursday , September 24 2020

the scene with Gradyo in Episode IV has changed again! (Video)


As the saying goes, never two without three! The scene between Jean Solo and Gredo at Star Wars: A New Hope is retweeted. Disney + subscribers can find out a new editing of this famous scene that was already restored in 1997 and 2011. Discover it in the video below.

Star Wars: A New Hope was released 42 years ago, but the film has undergone different changes over time. If you didn't know that, in 1997 George Lucas released the original trilogy into the cinema to return Star Wars to the date before the posting The phantom threat In 1999, Uncle Lucas took the opportunity to edit his films thanks to CGI and new special effects techniques. Modification of certain decorations, additions to beings, but also modification of certain scenes, especially the one hanging between Jean Solo and Gredo in Cantina at the beginning ofEpisode IV. A change that has upset many fans and always upset them.

Initially, in the 1977 film, Jan shot Gredo in cold blood. In the 1997 version, the scene was modified so that Gredo fired in front of Jan, forcing the hero to avoid shooting and fighting back. In 2011, when the release of the film in Blue-Ray changed the scene, this time the two protagonists shot at the same time. The end being always the same, Grado breaks up on the table. This is the fourth release we've been able to discover since Disney + released yesterday. Ian and Gradyo are still shooting at the same time as the 2011 version, but before the shoot, Gredo begins an unseen replica. This new replica is rendered in Jats, and without a moment's subtitle, Grado seems to say something like "My Clank Key."

This change was made as part of the release of the films Star Wars in 4K version. Imagine it was not made by Disney, but by George Lucas himself. The creator of the distant galaxy, by far, made this change before selling the brand Star Wars at Disney in 2012. He has already begun to revisit the original trilogy in 4K and it is at Disney + we will find out for the first time.

Note this Fox's fanfare returned at the start of the first 6 filmsnow that Disney has bought the fox, they can afford to return the original credits.

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