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the PSG clause is (falsely) controversial


SCAN SPORT – Special Envoy broadcast Thursday evening report, in which it is said that Paris players receive bonuses of up to 375,000 euros to greet fans. Presentation of facts that are not completely accurate.

In your show Special envoy Thursday night, France 2 he gave a document entirely devoted to Paris SG entitled "Small secrets of Paris SG". In this document, which contains part of the information transmitted during the day Mediapart on ethnic indexing practiced by the youth recruitment cell in 2013-2018, a part of the documentary has explained that the great stars of Paris SG using staggering basic earnings (30 million euros for Neymar per season) have secret clauses,

Bonus not only connected with applause on the stands

For example, Neymar would have to answer al Jazeer's maintenance requests. Edinson Cavani may be deprived of certain bonuses in the event of repeated delays in training. All players receive an "ethical bonus" included in the contract. "He is conditioned by duty, greetings and thanks to the fans before and after each game." Journalist from France 2 even before the match, they warn the fans to ask them if they are normal, that players are well paid to just boast the stand. according Special envoyNeymar could touch net € 375,000 ($ 33,000 for Thiago Silva and $ 70,000 for Angel di Maria and Edinson Cavani), putting a few moments into his hands.

This ethical bonus exists but is not limited to this. The Paris club wanted to explain after the report was issued. "Greeting fans is just one of the rules that, if respected, allow players to get an ethical bonus," explained Paris at Le Parisien. This bonus, which aims to make players aware of certain rules and that they contain and transmit the values ​​of the club, involves many other duties, says daily: punctuality in training, respect for players' obligations to the media, etc …

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Suspended bonuses are transferred to the PSG Foundation

Paris SG, who extended this device to other sports sections (judo, handball), is not the only one who established this common system in the world of football. Olympique Lyonnais in France, for example, like many European clubs. At Paris SG, the bonus is automatically linked to economist Pierre & # 39; em Rondeau, who explained on Thursday evening that fines and deductions for wages are banned in France. To punish players in the event of non-compliance with these rules, the capital's club has managed to "bypass the decree," the economist continues. Therefore, to become a positive test of the breathalyzer on the night of October 30 to 31, Marco Verratti was deprived of his own. At Paris SG, the money is entirely transferred to the PSG Foundation.

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