Tuesday , January 19 2021

The incredible confidence of Jeremy, the current maestro of Do not forget the verses

If you watch “Do not forget the verses“Over the past few weeks, you must have seen the beautiful flow of Jeremiah. The latter, from last September 29, is the holder of the silver microphone and managed to qualify for masters in record time. On top of that for his first match, he narrowly won his duel against Frank. In an interview with Tele Loisers, the young man looks back on what made his success. Explanations.

An exceptional trip to Jeremiah

With 235,000 euros for just 22 wins, Jeremy has had a wonderful career since coming to “Do not forget the verses“In his recent interview, he especially explained why he wanted to take part in the show and that is especially thanks to the former maestro:”Watching Lucille on TV in 2015. I told myself that I really want to participate. I thought she was having a lot of fun and that she was very shiny. I loved the premise of the show, so I watched more and more. I started to know more and more texts and that’s why I wanted to subscribe

Apparently, Jeremy then explained that he had always enjoyed karaoke and that it was the show that suited him best: “I love to sing, even if I’m not always right, it turned out. I really enjoy listening to music and doing karaoke on the weekends with my friends. This is the play that suits me best“As for his pre-performance ritual, it looks like training:”I listen to a lot of music. It started with the radio, then the playlist that played on a loop, then by watching the program we always notice a few pitfalls and sing very potentially the same songs to be best prepared for the events

Participation in the Masters without pressure for ceremonies

Also in the same interview, Jeremy talks about what he will do with his gains after being eliminated:I would like to pay for an apartment in Paris because I think it would be a good thing to invest in it. I would also like to honor my trip to New Caledonia. I’ve always wanted to go, then with winnings, the advantage is that I can test the first hour at least once (he laughs) and a 24-hour trip can be great. I would also like to go to a restaurant with stars

As for the masters, Jeremy did not think he could take part in it this year. Surprise which does not mean that he will not do everything to fight to the end. In addition, he has some fears about other masters: “I play against very, very strong people and that not much will be played, so we will go there, have fun and see what happensHe begins by saying. He then goes on to quote the opponents he feared most: “Kevin is a machine, he is very, very strong. Marga, of course, Tony and Shlody who are also scary because they do not give up, they want to win even if they are not at the top of the rankings. Arsenic is also scary

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