Thursday , June 4 2020

the conductor of the conductor has the same version as the faucets

This is a sequence that has been shared by about 30,000 reprises on Twitter for: images, movies and snapshots, including a femme fatale, aboard a chien for a coupe. At a distance of at least one uniformed police officer, at which point. Un court film accompagné d'un legende lapidaire: "Tt ça pr un voile (sic)".

La scène se déroule vendredi soir à l'Ile-Saint-Denis, en Seine-Saint-Denis. Faced with such provocations on social networks, with the use of a polytechnic on the port of the Islamic voice provoked by a national assembly, Prefecture of the police of Paris a regular samedi via Twitter, with one more version of the jusque cell phone available online:

"Interpellation of 1 conductor circulating in this state which refuses to control and inspire the police, profiled by terrorism apologetic, involving passers-by. 1 molasses neutralized by a tear," read "PP".

Check out all the corrupted feeds from most of BFMTV's police sources. Chien abattu, which is subject to conduction and not to a passage of contraction that is prone to premature temptation, is aggressive beyond the forces of the brain.

An infraction with circulation as a point of displacement

Contacted by, the conductor, Me Hosni Maati, provided another version that was otherwise reported by police. All two parts have nonconducting surfaces, which are intended for infrared circulation, which is an extremely efficient conductor of interest. C'est ensuite that divergent recipes.

Selon la police, la femme, aux de 35 ans, a voile islamique, a temps pretended as a burqa, which is not a laissez-faire that ses yeux. That Me Maati contredit en affirmant sa sa clientele, auxiliaire de vie, recite a hijab qui laissait son visage entièrement libre. According to the police, the conduct of the police "profiles of paroles with the apology of terrorism", which contradicts the penal code:

"I'm not the one who's been radicalized. (…) I have no apology for terrorism," said

After the apology of terrorism

The police station, the train station is now home to many outdoor services, such as Me Hosni Maati a contrario check out a casier judiciaire viagra, relevant to a unique outlet, commis in 2004, to satisfy the client no problem.

The police reportedly intercepted the vehicle for "apology for terrorism", a qualification that was ultimately retained by the parquet, said Meat, which had a guard over "outrage" and "rebellion".

"The police officers are retaining the qualification of terrorism apologist to counter the parade in the post," the fait-il valoir said.

Locked in place to accommodate the Saint-Denis commissariat, the tendency is to be debated, expanding a Convocation by the Police Judicial Officer (COPJ).

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