Saturday , September 19 2020

That's why France 5 decided to cancel last night's "X To You" cast with actor Louise Garel's dinner, which was filmed last Wednesday.


Last night, actor Louise Garell was due to be a guest on France's "You're on" show 5 and on this holiday, the show was even pre-recorded. But at the last minute, the channel and the production made the choice to deprive this interview's diffusion over the mass of the show. In fact, Luis Garel has come to promote Roman Polanski's film, but this weekend the director is again in turmoil. The 86-year-old filmmaker, already indicted for raping a teenager in 1977, is now implicated by French photographer and ex-model Valentin Monier. She claims the director raped her with "extreme violence" in 1975 when she was only 18 years old.

If the director refutes these allegations "with the utmost firmness", they will have an impact on the promotion of his new film "J'accuse".

The diffusion of this interview by Louis Garel was canceled by disaster: "The show was filmed on Wednesday, it was impossible to distribute this Monday in the state, given the reality," the chain explained to the Parisian. So was the dinner with comedian Camille Lellouche on October 29, broadcast in its place.

For the record, Jeananne Dujardin canceled the presence of the 20th TF1 scheduled for Sunday, he had to answer questions from Anne Claire Cowdrey in the film.

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