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[Test] Terminator: Resistance, the best game in the series (but still bad)

FPS Terminator. Considering only the first two films, the best in the series. And it is happening in the apocalyptic future of 2029. With the promise of shooting the T-800. It looked promising. And then, we found out that the investor was originally from the infamous railway shooter Rambo. And then, we saw the first pictures of the games. And then, we played the game. It doesn't go four ways, Terminator: Resistance is feces that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth a great and terrible mess.

Let's start with the beginning

The action of Terminator: Resistance will be fully implemented in 2029. You play as Jacob Rivers, a simple soldier of human resistance who fights against Skynet and his machine armies who want to destroy humanity. Having been rescued from ambush by a mysterious alien who seems to know everything about him, our protagonist will be brought in to join the group of survivors and evolve into the post-apocalyptic universe briefly seen during the first two films in the series. Far from being a simple stopwatch, the script surprises with its fidelity to the canons of the original James Cameron series. The few twists and turns of the plot are more than predictable, but remain perfectly appreciated by all the regulations in the first two films.

Where the game surprisingly well, it is about her dressing and the way she develops the script and characters that populate the latter. the atmosphere Terminator if end-to-end is typically respected, the T-800, plasma guns and other machines are faithfully reproduced. Even the gun sounds are straight out of the movies. The soundtrack is not left behind and offers a sound package that respects the original material. The main menu also offers one of the best covers of the musical theme of the series. Even among some attempts at an environmental narrative, there are some well-known references to films, especially at the level set by the psychiatric hospital of Terminator 2. Special mention of the last chapters of the game, the outcome of which naturally leads to events that affect Sarah and Johnny Connor.

Programmers have even struggled to offer some consistency, some coherence to a universe filled with characters who all have their own backgrounds and who almost succeed in activating a player's sense of empathy. The game is likely to develop a whole host of aspects difficult, if not to mention Cameron's film saga. In general, the efforts that went into the faithful image of the universe Terminator should be welcomed.

That being said, it's time to explain why Terminator: Resistance is a bad game that does not deserve your attention.

Game: "Pure Vista, baby"

on game is boring to death: we explore relatively open environments and complete the various quests that are essentially brought down to point A to pick up an object and bring it back to base. From time to time, we fancy a more linear and scripted level, without exploration, in which we simply fly and advance. Weapons have no potatoes, and enemies are either PV bags or simple formalities. Even the iconic T-800 does not inspire fear and can be eliminated in just a few plasma shots. Half a dozen different enemies are not doing better, and we do not enjoy triumphing over Skinnett's machines, which, moreover, are stupidly nameless: a guard blast will not attract the attention of machines located ten meters apart, for example. We expected better than the AI ​​that triggered the nuclear holocaust. The only threat is the ability of enemies to spoil you for two seconds if you get too close to them. Fortunately, they are painfully slow and your petals remain accurate even over long distances.

All other aspects of the game should be eliminated. The infiltration is absolutely ridiculous, just squashed and out of sight of the T-800s who are content to patrol a fixed route. The ability, for the last half of the game, to stop the robot in a plasma burst makes the discretion useless. Hacking and booting minigames are boring and repetitive. The RPG aspect is completely missed, only the increase in attack is of any interest. The game also offers a full range of inventory management and making, but we are recovering so much equipment simply by visiting levels that we never return resources and resources. Worse still, the whole aspect of survival and resistance brought out by the script is completely destroyed by the fact that there is an absurd amount of ammunition and medikits, and since the beginning of the game.Therefore, the game is childlike ease and simplicity.

"I can't finish myself. Lower me to the foundry"

The only success of the game, representing the universe Terminator, is terribly served by the weakness of the graphics. The game is ugly, and despite the use of Unreal Engine, the textures suffer a pretty nasty blur effect. Only the beauty of the lighting and the explosions manage to (slightly) flatter the retina, the rest far from the 2019 graphic standards. The animations are miserable and everyone suffers whenever the gun is pulled. Human characters are so rigid that they can pass on a T-800 covered in human skin. The setting is a scene of absolute flatness, so much so that it's hard to relate to human characters, yet relatively well developed. English writing is average and highlights this disinterest. The scenes of combat and collision with the machines, except the final chapter of the game, feel no excitement, no excitement. Ultimate insult, FOV and chromatic aberration are not directly adjustable. At the very least, the interface is customizable.

The adventure is short: it takes ten hours to reach the credits by taking the trouble to visit all levels and complete all side quests. However, the temptation was, during the game, to stop all research and strive to achieve the main goal. This is because different areas of play are simply not fun to travel: always the same enemies to land, the same buildings to search, the same resources to pick up, the same accomplishment missions. the universe Terminatoras successful and interesting as it is, limited in this game to a few destroyed urban areas, all similar and desert Skynet counting on one hand.

This point cannot be stressed enough: Tyon's developers have done a great job world building completely destroyed by their lack of funds and, boldly, ambition. A real mess that crowns the sale price too high, given the degree of finish and scale more than the reduced game.

A huge mess

Remember the T-800 at Terminator 2 : an impermeable hermetic killing machine with the slightest human emotion, but Connor Connor ends up sympathetic before deciding to eliminate it. Terminator: Resistance it is a true copy of it, a poor creature absolutely unbearable, whose only destiny is to end up forgotten, but who would really like to be commended. However, the few good points of the game are irreversibly affected by his mistakes, his game sophistically, its completely missed scene and its flagrant lack of ambition. Total chaos as it is resistance remains the best video game adaptation to date Terminator.

Terminator: Resistance is available on Steam for 40 euros, as well as on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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