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Tesla selects Berlin for its European "gigafora"

How do you say "Game over" in German? While France, Spain or Belgium might well dream of seeing the future of Tesla's future European factory on their soil, Elon Musk ended his suspension on Tuesday: the California electric car maker will install its production line in Germany, in the suburbs of Berlin.

The fourth factory

the issue will be in the hands of its biggest competitors – Audi, BMW and other Mercedes, high-car kings removing heavy artillery with high-rescue lithium-ion battery models.

Engineers and designers too

"We decided to build our European gigafactory in the suburbs of Berlin. I love Berlin, "Elon Musk explained at an event organized by the German magazine Bild, while Volkswagen's big boss, Herbert Dies, was on his side.

Elon Musk Announces "Golden Steering Wheel Awards"

The American billionaire gave very little detail about the case, except that this workshop should be located south of the German capital, not far from the airport. "The delay in my work worries me a little, you have to go faster," smiles Elon Musk. The future plant should fit the Model Ys and Model 3s (the most affordable cars in the Tesla range), as well as the batteries, and open in 2021. An engineering and design center must also get out of the ground at the same location.

Germany turns into electricity

To complete its industrial tool,
Tesla has just opened a huge factory in China

, near Shanghai, after a construction project in record time. Designed to have a basis for the old continent, an area where environmental rules are strict and subsidies for electric cars relatively dense, Elon Musk has opted for Germany, a country of premium cars – whether it's industrial knowledge or simply the market. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just announced
large plan to support electrification


All this seems to have prevailed at the level of remuneration of German operators in the automotive sector, higher than in France for example. For the time being, Tesla is supplying its European customers with export of manufactured equipment to America. The California manufacturer can sell nearly 100,000 vehicles in Europe this year.

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