Thursday , September 24 2020

'Ten days of diarrhea, a real temptation': victim of cryptosporidiosis after drinking tap water, he tells


Thomas, a 29-year-old Ugandan, fell ill on the night of October 31 to November 1.

“It took 10 days. I was diagnosed with diarrhea every day. It was a real ordeal, my GP didn't surpass what I had. He gave me stool tests. " I had the results on Tuesday night and called in this Thursday from an investigator (Editor's note: Provence Alpine Regional Health Agency Cрte d'Azur responsible for locating the source of the epidemic) who asked me questions about my habitat, which I ate and ate. "She asked me if I had eaten raw dairy products or was in contact with ruminants when I told her I worked in Cabras and that I ate regularly in Grass, she confirmed to me that I was not the only one, that there were thirty cases in the Grass sector.", testifies the young Muginois, who is out of work today but who sees the inscriptions always moving to the right and left.

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On Facebook, where the signals are being transmitted and shared and where some are witnessing this Grace saying she's been sick for a few days "like a good gastro". And it has "Ended in an emergency" Thursday "and good on this shit … ".

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