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"Télématin" in tour: demes in china, Elise Lucet accablée

C'est l'hécatombe à "Télématin"(France 2), Paf's Historical Broadcasting: In One Month, Departure of September, Two Chronicers On Top of Scandale Ports. Tous accusent the direction de France Télévisions of air-conditioners for sorting brine coupons relating to the work or re-negotiation thereof, annually Voici. Also, in CDD storage of all annular nodes, it is assured that the serial number of the CDI will be 30% to 40% of the environments. C'éaitait soit un accord, soit la porte …

Laurent Bignolas in the dance

Depending on the lubricants that are compressible. And the direction of France 2 is not the only critique. Laurent Bignolas, including "Telematin", as provided by certified chroniclers, as cells of a broadcast journal with a timing report Le Parisien : "BFMTV essaie de nous copier, et nous, on se BFMise. D'ailleurs, Laurent Bignolas souhaiterait lancer lui-moi the sujets et avoir the chrononiqueurs possible. Ils sont en train de nous éliminer." Here's a note, an annotated note: "I don't have a clue what the CGT personnel is representing. Cherchez l'erreur!" A notary queen Laurent Bignolas has just returned home from the chroniqueuse Laura Tenoudji …

Isabelle Chalençon a fait a burn-out

Quelques jours plus tard, c'est Isabelle Chalençon, soeur de Pierre-Jean, one of the acheteurs of the Affaire Conclue, who had a great deal to gain a burn-out tout en accablant Elise Lucet cette fois-ci. The chrome-plated suture of "Telematin" has the effect of silencing France 2's investments ("Cash Investigation" and "Special Investment").

L'action d'Elise Lucet?

La raison? Isabelle Chançon aurait fait app to Elise Lucet for the informer and the demander of the cruise that transverse "Télématin" for a month. Mais la celèbre investigatrice l'aurait ignore, report encore Voici, as qu'elle lui avait promis de ne pas hésiter "à inquire sur France Télévisions s'il y avait matière".

Les révélations de Danielle Moreau

But she didn't seem to be able to find Elise Lucet's Danielle Moreau inaction at all after the engines in the Investigatrice. Mardi 8 octobre a soir, chroniqueuse emission of a number of key revelations on the "Touch to post" plate (C8).

Danielle Moreau, chroniqueuse aujourd'hui in the TPMP, is a guide to other journalist builders who also have a request from Elise Lucet. Mais là encore, cet dernière les auraient rabroués: "You are a plus plus, you are not alert, but you are not happy". Et d'ajouter: "I have a crush, I have a train of trainers in prudhommes, this is the moment to post the bonnes questions." Pour convaincre Elise Lucet, here are some tips that are all in the metaphor after forcibly in danger in every direction. "This is not the case after forcing it to load, which adds to the problem, which has a CDD of more than 20 seconds, in the current direction," said Danielle Moreau.

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