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TCL bus lines no longer circulate

Snow in Lyon © Tim Duet

After the snowfall of the metropolis in Lyon, the impact of TCL is. Several bus routes are no longer circulating, but not a single page gives a complete overview of the new TCL site. We propose a list of disorders collected at the same site.

Due to snowfall, several bus routes have been halted this Thursday evening in the metropolis of Lyon. However, with its new site, TCL no longer provides all the information on a single page as before, you have to do a line-by-line search of traffic information.

We offer you a list of affected lines here:

Lines 20, 22, 23, 54, 66, 71, 77, 78, 80, 81, 84, 85, 87 and 90 no more circulating

Line Ц6 : Exceptional terminal stop at Gare de Vaise. Mouillard stops at Ecclesi Le Perolier are not served

Line C12 : Exceptional Terminal Place Sublet. Marcel Fuell's decisions in Jaap. Chase didn't serve.

Line S13 : exceptional terminal stop cook. Stands with Marginalos Pastor Montesuy not served.

Line C14 : Exceptional terminal stop at Gare de Vaise. Mouillard stops at Les Springs, which does not serve both directions.

C25 : Exceptional Terminal Parili Stop. It stops from Parli Stadium to Saint Priest Plain of Saythe without reservation.

Line 73 and C24 : Exceptional Rond Point Terminal d & # 39; Alai. Chemin de la Poterie stops in Brindas / Val Feron and Gymnasium were not served.

Line S5 : exceptional terminal stop cook. Marginal Paste's stops at Via Crepeius were not served.

Line 9 : exceptional terminals stop the Maronites. Stops from Les Bruyères to Sathonay Castellane unprotected

Line 18 : exceptional terminal stop Les Maurers. Stop Yvours Vernasson is not served.

Line 60 : exquisite terminals stop trails at St. Jones 4. St Johns A. Stops Thomas at Chesain Undercover

Line 63 : Exceptional terminus at the Pont D & O39s stop. The Orsell Le Golf Course stops are not serviced

Since the situation can change during the evening, you can check line by line on the TCL website.

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