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sports compacts sealed with NEDC correlated bar

Chaque annually, the CO2 emissions from the ecological site descend inexorably. It is scheduled for January 1, 2020, at 110 g / km CO2 (117 g / km current). In this case, the "maxi malus" has a yield of 173 g / km at 191 g / km. Desuils abaissés qui s'compagnent (evidemment …) of a tax hausse. Le malus atteint désormais 12,500 euros, soit 2,000 euros plus plus qu'aujourd'hui!

Compact sports amateurs drive a range of auto audio to finance eco-friendly homes. In effect, near key searches, there are no surprises to hear about the large majority of compact vitamin vitamins concerned by the "maxi malus" 2020.

Exemple with Renault Mégane R.S (280 Chevy) and 181 g / km of NEDC correlated CO2 cycle. It has a donut of 12,500 euros for 1 January, priced at 38,300 euros for Renault. Soit 50,800 euros! Available in EDC Offset (1,800 Euros), CO2 value is reduced to 169 g / km and males to 10,488 Euros. Vous serez gagnant sur the prix final.

Aucune survivante?

Here's the Megan R.S Trophy of 300 chevaux, in all casinos, priced at "maxi malus" at 12,500 euros. Ideal for competitors in the Honda Civic Type R (320 chevaux / 176 g / km), Ford Focus ST (280 chevaux / 179 g / km) and Hyundai i30 N (275 chevaux / 178 g / km).

Volkswagen en attente …

Volkswagen does not sign up to replace all CO2 values ​​of these "boiling off" Golf GTI Performance (245 Chevrolets) and Golf R (310 Chevrolets), respectively corresponding to 143 g / km and 164 g / km respectively. The symbol of the Allemand is affirmed by the NEDC. There are no contacts with Volkswagen, which provide confirmation or evolution of donor chips.

The 308 GTi just got rescapée!

Like cherchez to avoid the "maxi malus", the tour voucher for the Peugeot 308 GTi is 148 g / km (3,331 euros). The lion is currently listed on the list with 263 chevrons and disposed of in addition to cylindrical petite (1.6 liters). Save up to 9.000 euros on freeware by reporting at competitive rates!

Credit photo: N.Soler / EMAS

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