Friday , October 22 2021

Six children hospitalized after oxide poisoning at a school in Calvados


Several poisonings with carbon monoxide were found in this late afternoon on Thursday in small ones Cordey School, A town located near Falaise in Calvados. Six children had to be hospitalized, as well as their school life assistant. Fortunately, this is a faulty heating, which is the source of this poisoning without serious consequences.

Nausea and headaches

It is about 16 hours, on Thursday, November 8, when a teacher of this class 22 children elementary school Cordey decides to call the fire brigade. In the morning – explains the mayor – the child complained of headaches and nausea. A child, then a few others, and then in the afternoon. They all have the same symptoms. Also, the school life assistant, a 33-year-old woman, begins to feel very bad. When firefighters arrive, they confirm poisoning with carbon monoxide poisoning caused by poisoning two defective gas heaters.

6 hospitalized children

Six children in their ages 7 and 8 years they are transported to hospitals in Falaise (14) and Argentan (61) for placement under oxygen. The others are evacuated by some firemen to the village hall. Children and their assistant "out of danger" confirmed last night in France Blue Normandy Mayor Cordey. According to him, the fumes of oxides "Weak"These two heaters were, as Roger Bisson said checked a month ago, This Friday, the school will remain closedBut children can be welcomed at another Saint-Martin de Mieux school, the neighboring town.

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