Saturday , September 19 2020

Singers Lom and Laruso joke against TF1's "Seven on Eight" after broadcasting a 90s report last night


Yesterday, TF1 released a new issue of "Seven to Eight, Life". The show was particularly interested in the singers from the 90s participating in the "Born in 90s" tour. More than twenty-five years later, Lom, Laruso or 2Be3 are back on stage on a sold-out tour of France.

Some time after the program aired, Lom cried out against the show, presented by Harry Roselmak, on Twitter. "When you cut seven to eight on TF1, you can cut the editing of your lofty hairstyle without warning the hairdresser who opened it for us and fuck me shame It's done… More respect." she explains in a message posted on the social network.

And to add in another message: "I'm angry against Seven at Eight (not including the title, because it runs at 5:15 pm). I don't care what I cut into the congregation, but why cut it short of the young hairdresser who open her salon for me, the poor and why she interrupted my friends without warning! “

For his part, on his Facebook profile, Larruso also attacked "Seven to Eight" in a video of nearly 30 minutes. "I'm furious, shocked at what I've just seen, it's a fabric of lies, we pretend to be junkies, having fun with you, people coming, who haven't followed us for twenty years. Is that normal? "She asks, angry.

And to add: "To diminish what I did, ie 'the girl did something 20 years ago and has done nothing since'. you don't know about me, you don't have good numbers, it makes me happy. "

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