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Sheila unmasked, what clues for the other candidates?


MASSIVE MORE – This Friday in Mask singer Sheila was the second star to unmask after Marie-José Perez last week. Here's what you need to know about the new TF1 program and its participants …

The essential

This Friday, November 15, TF1 aired a new episode of Musk Singer, his new star-studded show. Viewers were able to see amazing new characters such as bees, lions, cakes, dinosaurs, squirrels and peacocks. Last week, for the first issue, it was the Eagle, Hippocampus, Monster or Panther presented to viewers. Behind all these disguises are hidden stars that a jury of four "investigators" – Keev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Arer and Angjun – must unmask. Last week, former athletics champion Marie-José Perez revealed his face after the performance. She was followed this Friday by singer Sheila, to all the surprises. In the guise of a squirrel, it is better for Dorothy or Chantal Goya to think about finding the crap that is included in the program every week … But who still stands behind the crazy characters still competing in Masquerade Singer? We occupy the main indexes …


7:20 pm – Clues to the Lion

At the beginning of the evening, viewers got to know the lion. The publisher is a tall person. During his presentation, the lion said he was a carnivore and had to fight hard to get to the top of his career. He wants to travel and he tours the United States. Then, he also admitted to releasing an album, but to no avail. Thairito was thinking of several athletes such as Camille Lacourt or Brahim Aslamoum. For example, many people think that the lion is Sebastian Jabal because he released a comic book album.

07:10 – All clues to Bee

During this new evening on Musk Singer, viewers got to know the bee. The publisher described herself as a person who uses social media to highlight her life. Then he said he was elusive and never goes unnoticed. Finally, she says she loves jewelry, clothes and shoes. Keev Adams and other members of the jury thought of Joyce Jonathan because they thought they recognized his voice. Then, they turned to bloggers like Carolyn Revier. Finally, the jury managed to see football in the bee presentation. So they were thinking about Karina Ferry.

07:00 – Summary of this second night of "Mask Singer"

Musk Singer's second night happened last night and viewers got to know the lion, the cup, the peacock, the squirrel and the dino. For the first face to face, the bee faced the lion and she qualified for the rest of the show. For his part, the lion had to confront other personalities in order to keep his identity a secret and to continue the play. For the second round, Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Arerie and Angun met with dino and cake. For the dino, the jury turned to a television host like Arthur or Harry Roselmack. Then, for sex, they thought of Karen Ferry, Caroline Revive or Natasha Saint Pierre. Dino was directly qualified for the rest of the show, and the cup had to go back on stage to sing and keep his mask on. Finally, the third person-to-person performed squirrel and peacock. The peacock has a strong personality and caused a sensation tonight. Theito thinks the peacock is an actor known as Ann Dujardin or William Canet. The peacock made a strong impression and allowed the public to continue the performance. For its part, the squirrel was in trouble this evening. Keev Adams and the other jury members thought of Dorothy or Chantal Goya. The squirrel lost to the lion and the whale and was eliminated. The band had to remove the mask and it was Sheila!


Everything about the TF1 mask singer

Twelve people agreed to play the game and hide under Musk Singer's costumes. Among them, hide athletes, singers, actors, politicians, … During the show, they must sing, disguise as whipped cream, lion or wasp. After the first episode, it's the name of Marie-José Perez what has been discovered. The Olympic champion in athletics hid under the panther's costume. For the other characters, viewers and the jury are still trying the game of clues and deductions.

Unicorn clues to the Mask singer: "I am sweet and magical, but I am also very rocky, I loved being in the band, in this band, many of us had a wonderful career, I love to sing since I was a child. As a wild man it has always been a passion, from where I came to become an opera singer, but fate has decided otherwise, life has allowed me to make my dreams come true and you have witnessed it. Between us, my voice knows it from the heart, you have heard it in many different registers. "

Musk Singer Panda Information: "Power, honesty, and mystery are characteristics of my personality. All my adolescence, I bathed in rap my nights, those were the directions to hip-hop parties and my days, meeting with friends to dance steps to dance, that knows me. I grew up in an environment of diverse cultures and diverse, to the sound of different languages. I'm filled with all this. Besides, the mix and the mix of cultures are clearly felt in my world, I was very young to be lucky enough to enter the big leagues. "

Musk Singer Eagle Information: "Character, style, everything is for me." The feathers are not really my style, you are not used to looking at me like you have known me for a long time. And, you know, dressing up a lot of different costumes doesn't bother me at all. With the amount of disguise I've worn in my life, we can even talk about ritual. I know the cameras very well, they don't scare me, you don't have to be a genius to know that cameras can detect things that were not in doubt, "he revealed in the first wave of clues. In the background, we found clues to the cinema, the guitar, the gun, as well as mentioning the "day-night-day-night" of the visitors. During the second Slave Clue, the eagle made new discoveries: "The eagle is known for its piercing sight, it never misses its target, and even if it does not always shoot first, it is You have not always known me alone, I've often been part of the team. You know the band that surround me very well. In life, there are appointments that mark a career and a career and images that remain engraved in the memories. I have a few lives because I have a few activities. But what captures all my passions is writing. All forms of writing. "In the background there is a purpose but also an image reminiscent of the movie Men's Heart.

As a reminder, animator Alessandra Sublet revealed in 20 minutes that all the figures of Musk Singer appeared in the shows she presented, Ц for you on France 5 and one night to the Eiffel Tower of France 2. A video broadcast on TF1's official accounts also provided some vague indications of celebrities, unless it is only to mislead viewers: "an exceptional record" for one, "millions of viewers in the cinema" for another candidate. Other clues revealed to put the public in limbo: "more than 100 million records sold", "more than 1 billion viewers", "50 national and international medals", "Caesar nominations, Victorians de music, Molières, Oscars" .

The twelve people hiding behind the mask could not disclose their participation in Masquerade Singer. Even their relatives are unaware of their presence on the show. TF1 set up an important device to prevent any information from being revealed before broadcasting: during the recording, no one could talk to the personalities and they always circled their masks. While some media and first names leaked before Musk Singer's announcement, these leaks have not yet been confirmed by TF1. It will be necessary to wait for the show to continue to know if these leaks were real spoilers.

In addition to the disguised stars, four figures have to unveil the actors, singers or political figures hidden thanks to their voice and the small indexes available to them. These four investigators are lead singer Alessandra Sublet, singer Angjun, comedian Areri and actor Keev Adams. The play is presented by Camille Campbell.

Mask singer is a November television event. The first broadcast was broadcast on November 8, 2019 at 9:05 pm TC1. The show will air every Friday from that date. The episodes will then be available for play the following day on the Mytf1 website.

A few days before the launch of Mask Singer, TF1 aired an enigmatic debut trailer on its new fun show. Viewers were able to have a look at the characters to be unmasked, including wasp, lion or eagle.

Mask singer – on TF1's TV program every Friday

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