Tuesday , February 25 2020
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she repels viewers after a fight during her concert!

Enenifer will start getting used to unusual disturbances during her concerts! Last August, the "My Revolution" interpreter did not hesitate to cut one of his fans, who asked him to openly remove the shorts! And this weekend, the singer suffered another discomfort during a performance at the Louvre in Val-Doise. There was really a brawl between the viewers who were very virulent. "After 3 songs, an old man, sitting, beats a guy who wants to enjoy a constant (normal) concert of enenifer at the end of the roll trying to calm the game down"The viewer attending the concert explained on Twitter.

For his part, the enenifer hurried to restore order in the room and ease tensions. "So that won't happen at all. One, the other, the basis is respect. That is how we will respect everyone."The former Voice coach exclaimed, adding that it was the first time in eighteen years of his career. First Time Former Voice Coach "It Would Have Been Good!


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