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Several tornadoes hit Harrow on Sunday morning

The pictures, which circulate on social networks, are impressive. At least four tornadoes hit Hero's department Sunday around 11:30 am.

Concerned are the cities of Aspiran, Polhan, Pezenas, Vias, Florenceac, Saint-Gillem and Clermont l & Herault. In these municipalities, firefighters were called in for intervention damaged vehicles, lush trees and damaged roofs, towards Polhan and Aspiran, to be precise.

The road services sent their patrols to free the A75 from caravan debris. At least one vehicle is involved, according to the Traffic Engineering and Management Center, for passengers staying near Polhan. The Multidirectional Dashboard is also located at the entrance to Polhan also lying on the ground, but does not block traffic, which is not cut.

In Aspiran, ten houses were hit by one of the tornadoes. "The sky became black, says Olivier Bernardi, mayor of Aspiran. This was a tornado as we saw on TV. Immediately after the rain, very strong winds swept through the hallway and into torn roofs, trees and all city and private furniture: tables, chairs. It took a few minutes.

In Commune, Residents »they were scared"He explains."We think we are safe in his house, but in fact we notice with the changing times that we are nowhere safe".

The first estimate of firefighters reports five damaged houses in Saint-Andre-de-Sangonis, sixteen in Polhan, but there are no victims.

Bad weather are currently heading to Gard.

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