Sunday , September 20 2020

Rapper Gul's Paris concert disturbed by "pseudo-supporters of PS PS", open inquiry



The rapper in Marseille, Gul, performed on Wednesday, November 13 at the Hotel Acor. The concert quickly disrupted "a group of PSG supporters, ultra ultra", referring to the concert hall. These are forced in before they use smoke and attack the viewers. According to our information, an investigation has been launched.

Banner 'Not welcome in Marseille', smoke and panic scenes: Rapper Marseille's Paris concert took place in tension on Wednesday in the capital. Dozens of people were forced to enter the AccorHotels arena, which was attended by about 20,000 people. According to our information, an investigation has been launched into "disturbances at meetings, increased violence and participation in a group formed to commit violations".

"Around 9:10 pm, I saw the banner, testified to CCI Cecilia, a viewer present in the gallery, and shortly thereafter I saw about ten men dressed in black, disguised, rushing into the pit to enter the crowd and not caught by security. on the song, the lights were off, people started panicking. " "Then there was smoke at about 4pm, falling back into the middle of the pit." We wanted to leave at around 10pm, but security blocked all entrances as people tried to enter the room.

Contacted by the CCI, the management of the Arena Hotel Arena confirmed that the evening was an occasion, due to "a complication of complicated factors". In this case, the presence of persons possessing tickets arrived by alcoholics, as well as counterfeit tickets in which there were large numbers of persons. But, above all, he says in the room, "a group of ultra-pseudo-PSG fans came into battle with the Marseille artist's spectators." According to AccorHotels Arena, the group attacked the crowd outside, "provoking crowd movements and disturbing the security apparatus. The teams quickly regained control and were caught cheating. " Other spectators, armed with valid tickets, also attacked viewers in the room.

Several testimonials circulate on social networks as well. We see the banner "Marseille is not welcome", as well as the smoke launched in the middle of the crowd, a few meters from the scene. But also pictures of incidents, with jogging at the end of the concert which, according to several witnesses, imply this group of individuals represented as ultra-Parisian. "I saw a movement from the crowd," adds Cecilia, "and there were spectators that would be taken away in the pit. The guys were hooded, it was intended. It's the worst thing to do on November 13th. "

Collective Ultras Paris denies any involvement

According to our information, the police were present outside the room. They were asked to intervene for a hundred alcoholics. There was no questioning. "Despite some fights, the order has been restored by the security services," the AccorHotels Arena management added, saying the show was able to run as planned thanks to the planned device.

In the middle of the day, the Ultras Paris collective denied any participation in these events. "We will not be responsible for the fights at the concert, simply because their writers wore PSGs, and we strongly condemn and separate them." this collective in a statement.

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